Race Recap: Rudolph Ramble 8k (36:47)

This past weekend, I decided to run the Rudolph Ramble 8k.  I registered late last week after I saw the weather would be decent and figured racing again would be a good way to make myself run faster than normal.

I also just moved this weekend!! Finally out of the suburbs and back to being a city girl :)  So the race was up at Diversey Harbor, which ended up being an easy ~2 mile warm-up from my condo.

Apparently I don’t have any Christmas-themed or even red/green running apparel (except for the Santa suit from last week’s 5k obvs).  Or better yet, I have those red spandex,  but this was a 60-degree day in September so Spandex wasn’t going to make the cut.  I ended up wearing a pink shirt with navy shorts and a navy hat (gotta give you the full visual since I don’t have any pictures.)  I also threw on a light running rain jacket, but after about half mile into my warm-up, I took that off and tied it around my waist.

I didn’t go to the packet pick-up at the Fleet Feet stores the previous few days, so I had to pick up my bib and beanie at the start.  Since I wanted to ditch my jacket and my hat, thankfully the race had a gear check.  It was so easy.

I got to the starting line area and lined up by the 7:00 pace sign.  At first there weren’t many people going to the front, but eventually it filled in with a lot of people from the Fleet Feet racing team and even Tera Moody, who I was familiar with because she is an elite runner.  I started talking to a girl standing next to me, and eventually after the race we even exchanged numbers so we can meet up to run sometime!  After reviewing my Boston training from last year, it was evident all my best runs were the ones I did with my training group in Cincinnati, so I really want to find people in Chicago to run with on the reg.

The run went off and the first stretch of 200 meters or so was just straight puddles with water and mud splashing everywhere and needing to weave around or just run through some.  After that though, the rest of the terrain was fairly OK – a few more puddle-y spots later in the race so had to run on the grass for a bit but nothing too drastic.

I hit the first mile in exactly 7:00…I must have that pace down pretty well.  My first mile in each of the Hot Chocolate 5k the Arlington Fall Haul 5k was also exactly 7 minutes.

After that though, I started to lose steam when we turned to head south and we were facing the wind for the next 2-3 miles.  Not a terrible wind, but definitely noticeable that I had to work a bit harder.  I also realized I had no idea how to pace this because I was thinking I’d just go out at 7 minutes and hold that as long as possible, but it was clear that wasn’t going to be a very long time today.  And then I didn’t want to keep pushing too hard in those miles 2-3 because I knew I had a long way to go.  I was mentally struggling with it, but just told myself that at least it would be a good tempo run and it made me get out there and do a run in the first place.

Miles 2-5 splits were approximately 7:20, 7:30, 7:35, 7:27

Finish time: 36:47

So nothing to write home about (but I guess something to write this blog post about hahaha).  Oh, and I’ve never run an 8k before, so this was an automatic PR!  And now I have a lot of work to do to try to improve up on that in the Shamrock Shuffle 8k in the spring.


2 Thoughts on “Race Recap: Rudolph Ramble 8k (36:47)

  1. Nice work! I was keeping an eye on the leaders after the turnarounds where I could see them, and I was really excited to see Tera Moody there! I’ve technically run races she’s run before (the Chicago Marathon this October, for example) but this felt a lot different in terms of being in the presence of an elite. That wind out of the south was rough to fight against! Though I’m not gonna lie, after we turned around and were headed north, I kinda missed it – I appreciated how it was cooling me down! Who would’ve thought that’d be something I’d want during a race in December haha.

  2. Yes it was so cool to see her! I didn’t realize she was going to be there. And I actually remember thinking the same thing when we headed back north….why am I hot??

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