How Can A “Lazy Saturday” Involve So Much?


Yesterday was my first full Saturday in my new condo!  Speaking of, I took a few more (read: better) pictures because Kristin requested a virtual tour:

I was in the middle of cooking dinner which is why the cabinet is open…

The loft area still needs to be organized a bit more.

I thought it would be a pretty lazy Saturday because I had no plans.  I started off the day with coffee while doing some work and watching Law & Order: SVU.

I used my Alaska mug, because I will get to see my relatives who live in Anchorage today and later this week while they are in town for Christmas.

Then I was going to go for a run, but I had decided yesterday that I really need a massage, so I requested an appointment at Massage Envy and they called around 8:45am saying the only options today would be 10am or 4pm, so I went with 10am.

After the massage and eating some lunch, I let my food digest for a bit and then went for a 5 mile run (about 8:10 avg pace.)  I even brought the Garmin for the first time in awhile, but couldn’t get it to get a signal for the first 5 minutes or so, then was pressing lap instead of stop when I had to stop at a light.  So basically I need to get reacquainted with using the Garmin.


It was about 20 degrees, so my entire outfit was Under Armor.

Then I even had time for a little half hour nap before going to meet up with friend Jocelyn from work.  We decided to go to an architecture exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center and then to a rooftop bar.  Unfortunately, the rooftop bar was too crowded, but fortunately there are other bars in Chicago.  We decided on Pops for Champagne, then headed to dinner in the West Loop at Mas.

I have to say I’m still a bigger fan of Mercadito, but the tacos at Mas were amazing as well!

We headed back to Jocelyn’s place to recharge our phones and split a bottle of wine before heading out to meet up with some other friends for the night!  Which ended with Domino’s pizza/breadsticks…so it was fun.

What did you do yesterday?  Anything similar to my day?

3 Thoughts on “How Can A “Lazy Saturday” Involve So Much?

  1. Your condo looks great! I got a nap in this weekend was amazing. :)

  2. Love your kitchen! I need a massage for sure although if I got one before my run, I don’t think the run would happen. I’ve never went to Pops while living in Chicago…although it looked like a great place!

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