2015 Recap of Racing and Life

I wasn’t sure if I’d do a whole post on 2015, but I though maybe it’d be a good way to kick off the new year of new training.  But first, let’s also talk about the year outside of running:

The biggest change in my life outside of running in 2015 was moving back to Chicago from Cincinnati for a career change.

I went on a few trips (actually, most of the correspond with running, but not all): Nashville (twice), a cabin in rural Ohio, St. Louis multiple times, Virginia Beach, San Diego, Boston, UD multiple times, and Sanibel Island.


I bought a condo!  Maybe this means I can tax deduction itemizer now.

I made some new friends, mostly through the training group I joined in Cincinnati to train for Boston, and then some new work friends when I moved back to Chicago.

I read some books (not nearly as many as I’d like to/should read): Girl on the Train, Luckiest Girl Alive, Missing You, Dark Places, This is Where I Leave You.  I feel like there were more than this, but can’t remember/Goodreads doesn’t seem to show that I did so maybe not.

But now to the important stuff, RUNNING IN 2015:

Races: Virginia Beach Shamrock Half (PR!), Boston Marathon, Hot Chocolate Chicago 5k, Fall Haul 5k, Santa Run 5k, Rudolph Ramble 8k

Each race actually had something special about it, except that Rudolph Ramble, that wasn’t anything great.

Virginia Beach was a half marathon PR…which was a LONG time coming because my previous PR was from 2008 when I was a tiny junior in college.

Boston was Boston…so awesome.


Hot Chocolate Chicago 5k was kind of like my “come back” 5k.  I was supposed to do the Chicago Marathon this fall, but due to injury and then general lack of hustle, things kind of fell apart in the summer and I was feeling so out of shape in the fall.  So I registered for the Hot Chocolate 5k (way too scared to do the 15k at that time) with a goal of 22 minutes, thinking that’d be a time I was happy with for my current fitness level.  I ended up surprising myself with a 21:19.

The next 2 5ks were special because despite a less than stellar time in each (22 minutes) I was the first overall female was felt nice.  This made me doubt how I could’ve ran the 21:19, but then I remembered that there’s no way the HC course was short because I even had the Garmin for that one and not for the other 2.


I enjoy how squiggly the Garmin map gets.  Those tall buildings really mess with it I think.

Hmm besides races, I think some of my other running high points were:

Longest run (outside of the Boston Marathon): 18.5 miles in 2:22 (7:40 average).  I think this was my best long run ever.  It was a super hilly run in Cincinnati, but I was with the JFT group and we were hitting some great paces and having a good time despite the chilly weather.

Best workout: There were a few contenders for this (all of which were workouts with the JFT group while training for Boston), but I think the winner was an 11 mile tempo run.  And actually this was on 2/3, and the aforementioned 18.5 mile long run was on 1/31.  The scheduled group run was a little over 7 miles, but I added on with some of the group before meeting everyone else.  Then the group route was an out and back with the out portion being a pretty relaxed pace (but still around 7:35) and then 2 hill loops on Xavier’s campus, then back at pretty much an all out pace for 3 miles, during which I was hitting under 7 minute miles.

Did you have any running PRs in 2015?  Or general life high points?

What was your best single workout of 2015?

Tell Me What YOU Think!

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