New Year, New Training Plan!

Happy 1st Monday of 2016!

It would make the most sense I think if January 1st was a Monday.  But this year, January 4th is the first Monday, so that’s when my official half marathon training is starting.

I’m registered for the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon.  I’ve actually run this race before – as part of a marathon relay team with Angela, Liz, and Kelly in 2014.  I’m not sure I blogged about that because I was on a hiatus.  But the most important takeaway is our outfits:


The race is both a full and a half marathon.  I was the second leg of the marathon relay (so about miles 6-13 of the race) and the half runners split off from the full runners sometime during my segment.  I also had a super hilly part of the course during my segment, so based on that experience I wouldn’t have chosen this to be my spring goal race because I want to PR…and I would obviously like to choose the most favorable course possible for that.

Sometime this past fall, Angela said one of her friends (another Angela) wants to run the full Go! St. Louis Marathon and that she was going to join her.  She also said that they completely changed the course for this year to take out the hilliest parts.  I don’t think I’m ready to take on another marathon just yet, so I decided it’d be a great half to do.  It still isn’t going to be quite as pancake flat as Chicago, especially running up and down the bridges that cross the Mississippi River, (why are bridges just hills in disguise??) but it will do.  Liz and Bridget are also going to do the half, so we should hopefully be able to race together!

Starting today will give me a solid 14 weeks of training.  My friend Stu from work also coaches collegiate cross country, so he is making me a training plan with the goal of running under a 1:34 half marathon.  So far, he has given me the first 4 weeks of the plan.  These first 4 weeks won’t be anything too crazy, but will get me to running consistently 5-6 days/week (5 days of running, 1 day off, and 1 day of running/cross training/or rest depending on how I feel each week).

I think what I like best about the plan is that he made sure to include doing strides after most of my easy runs.  That’s something I probably wouldn’t do on my own if it wasn’t written down for me to do.  And having someone else write my plan should help keep me accountable and take my guesswork out of it!  That’s what I liked best about running in college – just showed up and did what the coach said to do.

I’ll plan to post weekly recaps at the end of each week of training detailing my workouts and how they may have differed from the original plan (hopefully won’t too much!…at least not in a negative way).  Here’s the plan for Week 1:

week1 plan

So off I am to take on 4-5 miles with 4 strides!  I’ll also be fitting in a few Shred 415 workouts when I can since I still have that membership until 1/14.

Ohhh but I can’t forget – today is not only the first day of my training plan – it’s the season premier of The Bachelor!!

I’ll definitely be missing my Bachelor group in Cincinnati, but looking forward to watching with some girls from work :)

Is today any type of special new beginning for you?

Who is a Bachelor fan??

4 Thoughts on “New Year, New Training Plan!

  1. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE BACHELOR TONIGHT. Pretty much the #1 thing pulling me through this Monday.

    That’s awesome that you have such easy access to a coach, given that you work with him and all. 14 weeks is such a long training cycle for a half – I bet you’ll be in really great shape to have an awesome race by the end of it!

    • Ah oh my gosh I know, Mondays are once again the best day of the week!! Apparently Sedgwick’s bar has Bachelor viewing parties!!

      Yeah, the 14 weeks is long, but figured it’d be good to start with the new year and the first few weeks will just be getting into a routine.

  2. I love those outfits!

    I hear so many coaches promoting strides! I need to think about trying them!

    Do you think you’ll take one rest day a week on the plan?

    • Thanks! Yes, I’m already liking the strides thing – today I was on the treadmill so I did a fast .25 to finish instead of the strides. And yup, I’ll definitely take a day of complete rest each week…I think I’d struggle running 7 days in a row.

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