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Good morning party people.  Are you ready to hear about the first 2 runs of my half marathon training cycle?  Of course you are!

The plan for Monday was 4-5 miles easy w/ 4 strides.  I was made aware by my cousin Erin that not all people who read my blog are runners by trade and therefore don’t know what a stride is.  I described it as a short sprint, basically just to get your legs moving quickly, usually done after a normal run or before a hard work-out.  I just Google’d the situation because that’s the logical thing to do so I can speak with some authority here and I was surprised by my accuracy:


Now that I’ve tooted my own horn there, I’ll keep it up by saying I ran 5.35 miles (7:51 average pace) and then did the 4 strides (of 20 seconds each.)  I didn’t intend to run longer than my prescribed mileage (that’s a very un-Colleen) thing to do, but there was some rain and strong winds this past weekend so a large chunk of the lakefront path was closed.  So when I came to that point and saw I couldn’t go any further, I turned around and went north and underestimated the distance I went.

There were so many people out running!  Well, not “so many” but more than a typical winter morning, likely due to it being just past the 1st of the year.  Hey, that’s what got me out the door too.  And since a portion of the trail was closed, a lot of people were running up and down the same segment of it so I passed the same people a few times and we just smiled at each other.  Everyone was very friendly this morning. #solidarityinthecold

So that was run #1.  Morning #2 did not go according to plan.  I kept snoozing.  So apparently I need to look at more inspirational quotes.  I posted this one to Instagram on Sunday night:


Even though the morning run didn’t happen, I did luck out by not being terribly busy at work so I felt like I could take a slightly longer lunch to go down to the gym and squeeze it in.  Left my desk at 12:05pm and returned to it at 1:20pm…that’s skill.  I even washed my hair, but obviously then just threw it into a bun otherwise that would’ve added like 15 more minutes to my prep time.

I hopped on the mill with my fancy new wireless headphones and ran 5.25 miles.  The plan was 5-6 easy w/ 4 strides.  However, since I was on the treadmill, I decided a fast 400m to conclude the run would be easier than cranking up and pulling down the speed every 20 seconds.

I like to change up my speed based on the number of songs, so I did speeds of 7.2 and 7.3 for 1 song each, then 7.4 – 7.8 for 2 songs each.  Everything felt surprisingly super good and went by quickly.  Then I did .25 miles @ 6:58 pace.  A bit faster than goal race pace, but not a sprint.

In pop culture news:

I started Making A Murderer on Netflix.  However, I was writing this post and doing a few other things while it was on, so I feel like I haven’t been doing it right.  I am lead to believe this is supposed to be like the TV equivalent of Serial?

The Bachelor!!!  Oh man, how I have missed this show.  It’s so “amazing” as anyone on the show would say.  I do miss the group of girls I used to watch with in Cincinnati, but am happy to have a great group of girls from work that I watched with!!  We had a spread of snacks, ordered pizza, and filled out brackets.  I picked 17 of the 22 girls that got roses correctly.

Do you smile or say hi or anything to passing runners?

Can you tell I was in a goofy mood while writing this post?  I don’t know why.  I need to go to bed now.

Who is your favorite Bachelor contestant this season so far??

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  1. Wireless headphones are the best invention ever. I got some last year and they have been an absolute Godsend in my workouts at the gym, especially during strength workouts. Not being connected to my phone = bliss.

    I don’t know who I’m pulling for on The Bachelor yet. I think most of these girls are a terrible match for Ben, personally (since I obviously know all of them very well. Hahaha :P ). I know that I cannot STAND the twins, and Lace needs to go ASAP, but will certainly overstay her welcome due to the ~drama~ she causes, so I’m sure the producers will make him keep her for awhile. One of my roommates really likes Caila, but I have to give her SERIOUS side eye. She left her BOYFRIEND of over a YEAR because she saw Ben on TV?!?!?! Look, sweetheart, I think Ben’s a catch, too, but not so much that I would end a current relationship over it! I guess if I *had* to pick a favorite right now, it’d be Lauren the kindergarten teacher from Ann Arbor. I’m tempted to like Olivia, but based on the season preview, I’m worried that will come back to bite me like liking Kelsey last season did (by the end of the season I DEFINITELY had no use for Kelsey!). And I do like Becca, of course, because I think she’s a normal human being, unlike most contestants on the show, and could therefore possibly have a good relationship with Ben, because he seems like a normal human being, too.

  2. I can’t wait to start watching Making A Murderer. I am waiting until I have some free time, just in case it pulls me in and I need to watch multiple episodes.

    Oh, the Bachelor. I am already sucked in. I like that Ben wasn’t in a hurry to kiss all the girls. He seems to be taking it very seriously, involving his parents and everything. I really like Becca but I don’t think he will pick her. I haven’t really “fallen for” any of the other girls yet. I like when they start wearing normal clothes and aren’t all glammed up for rose ceremony. It actually lets you see more of their normal looks and personality. It’s going to be a fun season.

    And yes, I at least try and make an effort when passing other runners… it can be hard though when some do not make eye contact.

    • Ahhh yes! This season is going to be so great – I think these next few episodes will be the best – when we start getting to know their personalities, but there’s still so many of them that things aren’t super serious yet.

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