City Streets and Garmin Deets

Good morning and happy Friday!  I have 2 days of workouts to fill you in on.  I wish I could fill you in on other aspects of life too, but I guess I just don’t have much going on outside of work and running.  The Bachelor night was the highlight of this week’s social scene.  And still going hard on my coloring book, audio book (currently listening to: Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter), trying to get my new condo organized!  At what point do I stop calling it “new?”  Maybe next week, after walls hopefully get painted this weekend.

Wednesday night I ran just shy of 7 miles.  The plan was 6-7 miles easy + 400m at goal half marathon race pace.  My run was about 6.6 miles normal + .25 hard.

I’ve been having some trouble getting satellite reception on my Garmin from right outside my condo building.  Maybe there are too many tall buildings around?  It could have something to do with the coffee I spilled on it a few weeks ago too; I don’t know.  So I left without the Garmin being functional and figured I’d just wing it and estimate distance.

When I got about a mile out, I was stopped at a light and tried the Garmin again and it worked!  So I continued on my merry way, north up Clark Street which proved to be a poor decision at 6:30pm.  I had to weave around a lot of people, made worse by some snow and ice on parts of the sidewalks.  The 2nd half of the run was much better though.  I just wasn’t really feeling running alone on the lakefront in the dark.

Splits for the 5 full miles my Garmin was functioning: 8:10, 8:37, 8:12, 7:58, 8:05.

Once I got back to the street I live on, I knew it was about half mile to my condo.  In case you are unfamiliar with Chicago, the city streets are essentially a grid.  Eight city blocks = 1 mile.  So once I got onto my street, I kept going at my normal pace for 1 block, then went hard for 2 blocks, then and easy jog/walk to my building.  I’m not sure of exact pace for that 1/4 mile, but I was working hard and my Garmin data suggests it was probably around 6:30.   Has anyone seen this new Garmin Connect website??  I’ve used the app but this was my first time in a log time actually logging in on a computer.


Other fun fact: This had an elevation gain of 3 feet.  Thanks for being flat, Chicago.  This is why going up the 2 flights of stairs from the el station twice a day burns my quads so bad I’m guessing.


After that run, I was super pumped that my training plan had Thursday as a cross training day.  I wish it was warm out so I could bike or roller blade outside, but luckily I have access to a great gym at work.  So yesterday evening I headed down there and hopped on the bike, without any real plan.


After a few minutes, I could tell I didn’t want to bike for long and would switch to the elliptical eventually, but tried to stick it out for awhile.  Then I also remembered a workout from Janae @ Hungry Runner Girl where you go hard during the chorus of a song and regular pace during the rest.  So I gave that a try on the bike and it actually helped the time go by and gave me more of a purpose on the bike.  But, after 20 minutes I had enough and transitioned to the elliptical, where I continued the whole go hard during the chorus of the song routine.  Final workout ended up being 20 minutes on the bike + 30 minutes on the elliptical.

What is your favorite feature of the Garmin? I need to learn more of its capabilities I think.

What do you do to pass the time while cross training?

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  1. I haven’t used my Garmin in just about a year (I got a Polar M400 so that’s what I use now), but I’m curious how much things have changed. I’m pretty big into watching TV (inevitably, the news) when I’m cross training at the gym, but in the gym in my old building, the machines didn’t have TVs, so that was my big Runner’s World reading time. I’d go by paragraphs: easy for one paragraph, moderately hard for one paragraph, all out for another paragraph (if I wanted to do more than just steady state cardio). Kept me engaged, that’s for sure!

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