Just Do It. 5 Miles & 8 Miles.

I think I can say that if I didn’t have someone else write a training plan for me, I’m not sure either of my runs on Friday or Saturday would have happened.

Just about the last thing I wanted to do when I got home from work on Friday was run.  Laundry was the #1 last thing I wanted to do, so running won.  I got home and changed to go immediately so I couldn’t dilly-dally for too long and talk myself out of it.  It’s been a long week and it was cold, rainy, and already dark out, but I went for it.

I wore a long sleeve base-layer with a light rain jacket over it and made sure to put on my little blinky lights.  At one point when I was stopped at a red light, a man told me I looked like a Christmas tree because of my blinking lights.  So that was an interesting comment (compliment?)


As another safety precaution, sometimes when I go out for a night run and especially because I knew I was going to go on the lakefront path where there wouldn’t be too many people, I text my cousin Erin things like this:



(We were talking about Making a Murderer.)  After Wednesday evening’s run, I didn’t want to fight through people on the city streets.  So I did what I’ll call my “normal” 5 mile route – just an out and back.  The rain was coming down hard during the first half (it wasn’t that way on my commute home or else I may have just done the treadmill…), but the second half was much better.  Ended up finishing in about 40:30, so 8:06 average pace.

Then I did random stuff at my condo, went to bed, and woke up to run again!  I was slow moving at first in the morning and really didn’t want to do it, but had to be out on the road by 8:30am, so eventually I just got ready and went.  Knowing that it was “only” 8 miles as a long run definitely helped, especially since I ran 8 last weekend too.

Splits: 8:17, 8:05, 8:00, 8:09, 8:24, 8:01, 7:14, 6:58


The plan was 6 miles normal/ease into it + 2 uptempo.  I went a little overboard on the “uptempo” essentially going pretty close to all-out, instead of just a moderate increase in pace.

None of the run really felt great, but not too terrible either.  I definitely worked for all of it though, especially those last 2 miles.

There were so many runners out on the lakefront today!  It’s especially nice this time of year because it’s almost all runners and no bikers.  I have no real beef with bikers, but it’s just kinda scary how fast they can come up on you and could be very hazardous if you accidentally step in their path.  And there was that time I got hit by a biker, by no fault of my own.

After the run, I spent most of the afternoon painting a closet. #homeownerthings  And finally doing that laundry…

And on the 7th day, she rested.  My training plan has today as either a rest day or run 4-5 miles easy.  At first I was going to do the easy run, but considering the current temps here in Chicago and my lack of desire to run on the treadmill if not necessary, I’m gonna take that rest day.  I may do a walk on the treadmill, since I have nowhere else to walk to (and don’t want to walk anywhere due to the aforementioned temps) and don’t want to just sit on the couch all day.  That’s for when I’m hungover, which I’m not today, because after 9 days I’m still going strong on the whole no alcohol during January thing.

What have you been up to this weekend?

How do you motivate yourself if/when you really don’t want to work out?

What kind of night run safety precautions do you take?

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  1. Nice job! I have no motivation to run if it’s rainy outside unless it’s a race day. Somehow having everyone else starting in the rain with me makes it not so bad. I change into my workout clothes immediately too.

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