Week In Bullet Points & Short Speed Workout

Happy Friday, folks!  Why has this week felt so so long?  I’m definitely looking forward to the upcoming long weekend.

A few nuggets/highlights from my week thusfar:

  • I caved on the no sweets/desserts/candy during January goal on Wednesday when a colleague I had a lunch meeting with brought not only the sandwich I ordered, but also picked us up some brownies :)  I easily could have refused, but you should have seen this glorious-looking chocolate chip brownie.  I couldn’t resist.  Still strong on the no alcohol during January goal, but I’m anticipating I might go out this weekend, so we’ll see how that pans out.  There’s also a UD basketball game watch with the Chicago Alumni chapter tonight, so I’m wearing a UD shirt to work just in case I decide to go.
  • The Bachelor.  So great.  I got dinner with my friend Taylor from work at Jason’s Deli because I haven’t been there since ‘nam and was really wanting the salad bar (and OK, the fro yo…I didn’t count that as cheating on my no desserts thing, but I probably should have.)  Then we headed to Jocelyn’s for Episode 2 and it did not disappoint.  That chick who decided to leave on her own was defintely a curve ball.  I know they always say you should be there “for the right reasons” but at that point, wouldn’t you kinda also just want to stay to live in a mansion and drink poolside for a few extra days?  I would.


  • Didn’t win the Powerball drawing.  Still need to pay my bills #adulthood  Would you like to know what my numbers represent?  My race PRs!  Marathon = 3:23:15, hence the 3 and 23, Half marathon = 1:35:56, so 35 and 56.  The 20 I decided for Boston because it was on April 20th and my time was 3:26:20.  Or I could say the 20 is for my 5k PR, 20:13.  And the Powerball is 8 because of my birthday, which is in August (8th month) of 1988.


  • Similarly, I got my W-2 this week, so I also need to pay my taxes #American  But I’m expecting a refund from Uncle Sam.
  • One of the nights I was in the locker room after my run, a few girls from the large public accounting firm that has an office in the building were also in the locker room talking about busy season and how they had to head back upstairs to continue working.  I do not miss that life.  Props to them for being able to fit their workout in though.  Not something I could ever do.
  • I finally was able to put stuff away in my 1st floor utility closet now that it’s painted.  So after a month of living in my new condo, I no longer have quite as many boxes/random items lying around.
  • In addition to The Bachelor, there was a lot of other special TV programming this week – Golden Globes, State of the Union, and the GOP Debate last night.  I’m not super into politics, but it’s interesting to watch and then I saw this picture of Obama playing with a baby:


And some tidbits about my run last night:

The plan was 6 miles with 5 x 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy.  I wasn’t given an official pace to hit or a certain time to do the workout portion of the run, so I just did it based on feel.

And I was on the treadmill again, despite the warmer temps this evening.  It’s just what worked out easiest in my day.  So I ended up running about 25 minutes anywhere from 7.2 – 7.5 paces, then did the 10 minute hard segment with my hard minutes at 9.0 (6:40 pace) and easy segments at 7.5 (8:00 pace.)  Then finished up the 6 miles at 7.5 and 7.6.

If I didn’t have that written plan to do 6 miles, my old self would’ve called it quits after 5 miles when the workout was over + a much shorter cool-down period.  But now I’m a bo$$ and going to hit my mileage like a bo$$.  So it was a short speed workout, but glad to have worked it into my run this week.

What were the highlights of your week so far?

Have you been watching all these special live events on TV this week?

3 Thoughts on “Week In Bullet Points & Short Speed Workout

  1. Ugh, The Bachelor. I don’t blame LB for leaving – I’d hate to drag something like that out if I knew it wasn’t working for me, especially since that environment seems to define toxic. I’m just annoyed Lace is still there (though I would kind of like to see her and Olivia team up, a la JJ and Clint on this past season of The Bachelorette). One of my roommates got all bent out of shape over Ben giving Lace a rose, and absolutely would not listen to me when I was like, “You know he HAS to do that, right? It’s painfully obvious that he isn’t into her, but she’s good for drama, so the producers make him keep her.” And she was adamant that he was the one calling all the shots in this, because like a handful of Bachelor/ette couples have ended up happily married. LOL. I mean, I imagine they give Ben some control over who he keeps…like maybe he has the option of choosing three girls he actually likes and wants to keep around. But I’m 100% sure the rest of them are all producer-chosen. But I imagine Lace only has a couple more weeks left in her before her act gets old and she gets the boot. Plus now they’ve got the Olivia-as-villain storyline all nice and established, so Lace isn’t really necessary any more.

  2. Ha that sounds like my Power ball numbers too… I didn’t win and thus had to pay bills too. Which luckily enough were due the next day after the power ball drawing LOL.

    I haven’t gotten into the bachelor this particular season. Maybe I’ll DVR it and try next too.

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