I Joined The Sweaty Bands #SweatyCrew !

If you’re a huge fan of mine (why wouldn’t you be?) or super attentive to detail, you may have a noticed a new logo on my sidebar over the past few days:

Sweaty Bands Ambassador Logo

I’m now a member of the Sweaty Bands Ambassador Program, aka the #SweatyCrew.

My devotion to the Sweaty Bands brand of headbands is nothing new.  When I lived in Cincinnati, my full time job was an accountant with the company.  I left in order to return to Chicago and pursue a career outside of accounting, but I can say that there is nothing better than working for a brand that you truly care about.  And all of my co-workers were the best people ever :)

Sweaty Bands at Boston Marathon expo 2015

So now I’m excited to have the opportunity to keep our relationship open and help promote the wonderful products and brand that is Sweaty Bands!

As an ambassador, I’ll be able to provide you with information about promotions that are going on and new products, as well as provide you with a link/code for 15% off of your entire order (limit 1 per person per month.)  In an effort to provide full transparency, in return I will make a small commission off every sale occurring with one of my referral links.  So it’s a win-win situation for both of us :)

I take quite a few selfies already (most of which never get posted), but the selfie is always such a great shot of my Sweaty Band, so here’s one for ya from yesterday morning actually.  I say actually because my Sweaty Band wearing has been more limited in the winter when I run outside, but it was >35 degrees this morning, so an ear-warming headband wasn’t necessary.


Expect more of those to come for sureeee!  I’ll try to perfect my selfie game…I wasn’t originally taking this one with the intention to use in a post specifically about Sweaty Bands, mainly due to my failure to plan ahead accordingly.  I was intending to take this picture for Instagram, but after I saw it, I decided nahhhh let’s get a shot without me really in it…


5.3 miles easy yesterday morning.  Plan was 5, but once again, a portion of the lakefront path was closed due to high waves, so I had to backtrack and go further norther and failed to estimate my return trip properly.  Splits were: 8:29, 8:12, 8:08, 8:05, 8:05 then some change to finish up back to my building.  Easy peasy, didn’t push at all and just enjoyed the beautiful weather!

Have you worn Sweaty Bands??  What is your favorite width or pattern?

If not Sweaty Bands, what brand of headband do you usually wear?  And how can I convince you to change your ways??

2 Thoughts on “I Joined The Sweaty Bands #SweatyCrew !

  1. I am in search of some better headbands. The ones I use the most are cotton so they don’t wick moisture but they stay in place. Very cool for being an ambassador!

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