Cuckoo For This Color…And This Long Weekend

So it’s Monday, but it’s going to feel like another Sunday because I’m off work today!  From what I’ve heard, I’d say it’s about a 50/50 chance if offices are open or closed today.

This weekend has been a flurry of activity…and although way below freezing, thankfully no flurries of snow.

Friday night I stayed in and got a few random things done, like worked on this blog, started my taxes, cleaned my condo, and just tried to get life organized.

Saturday morning, I took my sweet time in the morning, before finally heading out for my long run around 9:30am.  The plan was 9 miles with the last 2 uptempo.  It was a tough run mentally and my legs didn’t feel as great as I’d like, most likely due to the increased mileage.  I ended up with 9.1 miles @ 7:56 average pace.

Splits were: 8:17, 8;06, 8:07, 7:59, 8:02, 7:52, 7:58, 7:27, 7:31…then my last .1 miles was a casual 9:13 pace as a mini cool-down just to get back to my condo.  Obviously I wasn’t going to keep up the faster pace for any longer than I had to…

It’s a bit discouraging thinking about how last January my easy paces for even longer runs were a decent amount faster, but it will come.  And I think that has to do with running with a group.  And I struggled through a few of those long runs to hit 8 minute paces too.

After the run, I had a ton of errands to accomplish.  I started with a trip to the bank to get cash so I could later tip the girl at the hair salon.  I had made an appointment Saturday morning for that afternoon because I’ve been in need of a haircut for a bit now – haven’t cut it since I donated my hair over 7 months ago.


But before the hair appointment, I also made a trip to Starbucks – spelling on my cup was Collin.  It’s always different and never Colleen.  And then I took a short nap.  Then finally, the hair appointment.  I just got a trim because I think I still want to grow my hair a little longer.  And to continue the pampering, I also got my nails done.


I’m LOVING this color – appropriately named Cuckoo For This Color.  OPI colors always have great “pun” names.  My only complaint is that she cut my nails so short that now I can’t scratch my very itchy, dry legs!

Next, I had to go to the grocery store to get supplies to make a dessert for a dinner party that evening.  I stopped at Plum Market, but that place was of the charts expensive – over $6 for a bag of chocolate chips.  No thank you.  So I went to the Treasure Island (I would do Jewel but I still don’t have my car in the city and the Jewel is a little too far to walk in this cold weather), got my supplies, got home, then had to go back to Treasure Island because I forgot the Powered Sugar.  The main problem with shopping here is that while prices are better than Plum Market, there are no generic brands…so brand name everything:


I whipped up this mint chocolate chip cheesecake dip in just a few minutes and it was delicious!  We used chocolate Teddy Grahams and Nilla Wafers to dip in it.  I actually did not use green food coloring though – wasn’t in the mood to drop $6 on food coloring.  And taste was still phenom as white.  But I need to say that I HATE when ice cream places have white mint chocolate chip ice cream.  It should definitely be green.

For dinner, Catherine, Matt, and I went over to our other friend Matt’s condo where he and his girlfriend Matea cooked us a delicious meal of Ratatouille.  It was a Julia Child recipe and it was great!  I would definitely like to try it on my own sometime…as well as many other recipes to try to become a little more domesticated.

After dinner, I headed out with some friends from work to a few bars and also ended up getting cheesey bread from Domino’s so it didn’t end up being the healthiest of nights.

My stomach was not happy with me the next day, but I headed home to the suburbs and had this delicious meal at Panera:


Then did a little shopping with my mom and Kyle.  And now here I am writing this on Sunday night.  I think I need to hit the hay soon and get ready for another hard week of running ahead!  I’ll get a recap of the past 2 weeks up tomorrow, but here’s my plan for this week:


How often do you go between haircuts?  I’m thinking I should try to get in more like every 3-4 months for at least a trim.  I also am thinking I want to go back to being a little blonder this summer.

What’s your favorite nail polish color?

How many miles will you be running this week??

3 Thoughts on “Cuckoo For This Color…And This Long Weekend

  1. I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to get a haircut. I last got one in November, so it hasn’t been that long at all, but I’ve been blow drying my hair a lot more frequently over the past couple of months, so I have a bunch of split ends. But my hair isn’t really long enough to cut it without it becoming WAY too short. Such a first world problem hahaha.

  2. I go way too long between haircuts! Usually like 6 months or so, and then it gets really bad and I cut a few inches off. I should really go more often but I really hate paying for haircuts. I love your nail polish! I have been into dark colors like that this winter.

  3. I always go way to long between haircuts but that’s harder to do with short hair. Your hair looks super cute!

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