12 Weeks Til STL Half & New Shoes!

Well here we are, getting ready for another week.  A short week at least (for me.)

There are now 12 weeks to go until the GO St. Louis Half Marathon!  I have 2 weeks of what I will call my official training under my belt and they have been great.  Having someone else write me a training plan has forced me to stick to it, which is the biggest thing I need.  I think I’m always capable of doing workouts, but actually forcing myself to do them is a whole different story and why most of my prior training for races is so scattered and always leaves me knowing I could’ve trained better.

Of course, even in these first 2 weeks there’s a lot I could do better – mainly all the “extras” like foam rolling, eating healthy, stretching, core work, etc.  I haven’t been doing well on those fronts, but my primary concern right now is to at least get in the mileage and work in those things as I can.  I think for the next 4 weeks my main focus is going to be on the healthier eating.  I did OK the past 2 weeks, but not nearly as well as I should be.

Anyways, here’s a quick recap of the past 2 weeks of workouts:

Week 1 (1/4 – 1/10)

Monday: 5.35 miles (7:51 avg) + 4 strides

Tuesday: 5.25 miles (5 normal + .25 uptempo; 7:57 avg)

Wednesday: 6.85 miles (6.6 normal + .25 uptempo; Garmin issues so not sure of pace)

Thursday: 20 minutes bike + 30 minutes elliptical

Friday: 5 miles @ 8:06 avg

Saturday: 8.1 @ 7:55 avg

Sunday: OFF!

Total: 30.6 miles + 1 cross training day

Week 2 (1/11 – 1/17)

Monday: 4 miles + .25 uptempo

Tuesday: 9.2 miles @ 7:39 avg

Wednesday: 5.25 miles (5 normal + .25 uptempo; 8:08 avg)

Thursday: 6 miles w/ 5 x 1 min hard/1 min easy in the middle; 8:04 avg

Friday: 5.3 miles @ 8:12 avg

Saturday: 9.1 @ 7:55 avg

Sunday: OFF!

Total: 39.1 miles + leg weight circuit one day

On Monday of week 2, I got in a weight circuit of squats and lunges BEFORE my run.  So that made the run feel interesting.  On Mondays and Thursdays, I will probably be doing this type of thing – a weight circuit followed by a run because I’m starting to help a girl from work get back into shape.  I unfortunately had to cancel this past Thursday because I slept so crappy almost every night this past week and it was even worse Wednesday night, so I could not get myself up early to meet her.  Hopefully that will not happen again.  Because as much as this is to help keep her committed to working out those 2 times/week, it’s also to help me!  Otherwise, as discussed above, I’d struggle to force myself to do it on my own.

So to get this week going, I started with a treadmill run of 7.5 miles.  As I discussed yesterday, I went home to my parents’ house in the suburbs this weekend and of course I forgot my running shoes.  That’s what happens when you pack while moderately hungover.

I figured I was due for a new pair of shoes anyways and was not wanting to miss a run (see above.)  So yesterday morning I went to Dick Pond to get a new pair of my New Balance 870s, which are the shoes I’ve been running in most recently and love.  But they ended up not having them in stock in my size, and due to my dilemma, I needed shoes today.  The nice salesman recommended the Brooks Ravenna to me, especially because they were 30% off for the MLK weekend sale so I took his advice and bought those.


I headed straight to the YMCA for my planned run of 5 miles + 6 strides.  I was expecting this run to feel like crap because I felt lethargic all morning, but I must have been nice and rested because I felt great from the beginning.  I actually ended up texting with Catherine for a lot of the run, which made the time go by quickly because it would take me quite awhile to type out each text while running.

So I ended up going a bit further than planned and finished with 7.5 miles in 59 minutes (7:52 avg pace.)  I did 7 miles starting at 7.3 and increasing every 2 songs, which brought me up to 7.9 by the end of the 7 miles.  Then for the last half mile, I started at 8.6 and increased by .1 mph every .1 miles.

Great way to start the week…but now The Bachelor is over so it’s time for me to get my lunch and gym bag ready for tomorrow and hit the hay!  Have a great Tuesday!

What shoes are you currently running in?

One Thought on “12 Weeks Til STL Half & New Shoes!

  1. Those “extras” are always what get me in training. The actual running part of training (usually) isn’t *too* hard to make happen, but man, I feel like there are SO many other things you’re supposed to do when seriously training, and those things make the whole process feel like such a burden, especially from a time perspective. Eating well doesn’t take any extra time, I guess, unless you’re used to heating up Easy Mac and calling it dinner, but those other things–foam rolling, strength training, stretching, and all that–DO take a LOT of extra time. I figure I have to allot myself, at the ABSOLUTE minimum, an hour and 15 minutes for the entire workout process (warmup, actual exercise, cool down, stretching, showering, getting dressed). And that would be for a 30-minute workout, which I rarely do–I usually work out for more like 45-60 minutes, so then we’re looking at 1:30-1:45, bare minimum. And you want me to add 20 more minutes of strength training and 10 more minutes of foam rolling on top of all of that?! I have about three spare hours in a workday, and call me crazy, but I’d rather not spend 2+ of those working out. I feel like the only way anyone could possibly manage to do anything perfectly is to only have a part time job (or be a full time athlete!).

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