STL Half Training Weeks 3 & 4

Good morning!  I have TWO weeks of running updates for you today.

Week of 1/18 – 1/24:

Monday7.5 miles in 59:00 (7:52 avg pace)

Just a normal run of 7 miles + .5 uptempo.  This was on the treadmill and I felt great!  And wore my new shoes!

Tuesday – 5.75 miles in 47:00 (8:10 avg pace)

Treadmill again but this run was exactly why this death machine has the nickname of the “dreadmill.”  Could not get off this thing fast enough.

Wednesday – 7.7 miles in 1:01:40 (8:00 avg pace)

This was quite the run.  After 2 days in a row of the treadmill, I made up my mind that I would go outside no matter what.  And then it snowed overnight and continued to snow a bit throughout my run.

The sidewalks were very slippery and not in good condition, so ultimately I ended up running in the bike lane up and down Clark St. as much as I could.  There were obviously no bikers out and very few cars.  I usually just had to get back to the sidewalks when a bus was coming because they take up the bike lane.  Similar to the honey badger, CTA buses don’t care, CTA buses don’t give a sh*t.

Thursday – 6 miles in 47:00 (7:50 avg pace)

Back to the treadmill, which I was planning on so I could set my pace for this workout.  The original plan called for 4 x 1:00 again, like the previous week, but Stu changed it the morning of to be 4 x 2:00.  I started the workout portion after 25 minutes and did the first 2 intervals at 6:40 pace and the last 2 at 6:31 pace.

Friday – 5.15 in 42:00 (8:09 avg pace)

Outside after work.  My Friday nights are crazy.

Saturday – 10.25 miles in 1:20:00 (7:48 avg pace)

Treadmill at the Y due to the state of the sidewalks in the suburbs – 6.7 miles normal + 3 miles uptempo + .55 cool-down easy.  I did the first 6.7 miles at just over 8 minute pace average because I was just easing into it.  Then for the 3 uptempo miles, I started at a speed of 8.1 (7:30 pace) and increased the speed by .1 every song change, which worked out to be almost exactly every half mile.


Sunday – OFF!

TOTAL – 42.4 miles

Week of 1/25 – 1/31:

All the runs this week were outside!!

Monday – 5.9 miles in 47:05 (7:58 avg pace)

This ended up being 5.7 miles normal + .2 miles uptempo.  I ran into my brother Kyle while he was on his way to work.

Tuesday – 6.2 miles in 49:00 (7:54 avg pace)

Finally, during this run I felt like 8 minute pace is a piece of cake again.  This run ended up being 5.9 miles normal + .3 uptempo at the end.  These uptempo pieces at the end of my runs are new for me, but I think they are helping.

Wednesday – 7.2 miles in 55:10 (7:39 avg pace)

KILLED this tempo run.  Tempo runs are scary.  I always have issues with them.  I think it’s mostly a mental thing.  So even while I was doing the first few warm-up miles, I was severely doubting myself.  I was only supposed to do a warm-up of 2 miles, but I didn’t feel ready to start, so I made the warm-up 3 miles.  I ended those 3 miles right when I got on the lakefront path at Belmont and then started to pick up the pace.

Even the first few minutes of the tempo portion, I was not having it.  I thought “OK I’ll do a mile, then maybe just stop and make it a normal 7 mile run.”  I thought this was going to be a real struggle to even hit 7:30s.  My watch beeped after that first mile at 7:13.  Seeing that time gave me confidence, so I kept going.  I told myself “don’t let it get easy” because I wanted it to feel “comfortably uncomfortable” which is the best way to describe it.  The 2nd mile was the best mentally and ended up clocking a 7:01.  The 3rd mile, I was back to checking my watch way too often counting down how much time I probably have left.  I ended up finishing that mile in 6:58 (woohoo!) and then ran easy back to my condo.

I was dead after…


Thursday – 5.05 miles in 40:00 (7:55 avg pace)

This was supposed to be a cross training day, but I had to rearrange my weekend schedule and knew I wouldn’t get much in then, so I just shifted up Friday & Saturday’s runs to Thursday & Friday.  So, nice and easy run as usual before my long runs.

Friday – 8.6 miles in 1:07:20 (7:49 avg pace)

Another great long run!  Can I still consider 8.6 miles a long run?  That distance is starting to become more commonplace in my training, but I do like this whole easing into the distances thing and not immediately trying to run 15 miles.

The plan was 8 miles with the last 2 uptempo.  Did just that with splits of: 8:32, 8:14, 7:52, 7:51, 7:52,7:49, 7:06, 6:56 … and then .6 easy back to my condo.

Felt soooo much better on those uptempo miles than I have on any of my previous long runs.  Not that I didn’t want them to be over haha, but definitely felt a lot better!

Saturday – OFF!

We made a secret trip to St. Louis because my brother got engaged!


Sunday – 3.2 miles (no watch)

Easy run in St. Louis just up and down the street the hotel was on because I didn’t want to get lost.  Didn’t bring a watch, so I had no idea how far I went and just mapped it when I got back.

TOTAL – 36.2 miles

Most noticeably missing is my lack of any weight training or core work.  I guess depending on how in-depth it is, I wouldn’t include it in my log, but no I didn’t actually do any the past 2 weeks so that’s a problem.  I’ve been hitting the runs really well, but not doing anything extra outside of that to further my abilities.  So that’s my goal for February now that I have the running routine down pretty much.

As you can tell, last week was a cut back week, but now I’ll be increasing the mileage again for the next few weeks!  I’m excited to see how that goes with some longer workouts and higher overall mileage.

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  1. Congrats to your brother!! That’s so exciting!

    I enjoy tempo runs, but I find them really challenging – not so much in the “this is a difficult thing I am doing” way, but in a “trying to consistently do what I’m supposed to do” way. I prefer to run by feel rather than paying too much attention to my watch when doing speedwork, but I find it much more difficult to maintain a comfortably uncomfortable feeling for a long time rather than doing short, hard bursts like you do during intervals. But having a great tempo run is one of my favorite feelings!

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