STL Half Training Week 5

Did you think week 5 was this past week?  Nope, week 5 was 2 weeks ago, but I’m just now getting to write about it.  Week 6 coming at ya tomorrow…lo siento mucho.  Although I can’t really use work as an excuse because I have had some free time in the evenings, work was really busy recently.  But all for good reason –> I got promoted!  Woohoo so I’m super pumped about that, but feeling the stress as I step up to my new role.

Monday6 miles

Tuesday6.5 miles in 50:00 (7:41 avg pace)

Wednesday – 6.6 miles in 52:45 (7:59 avg pace)

This run almost didn’t happen.  I had a massage scheduled in the evening (it was amazing, btw), so I HAD to do the run in the morning.  I usually hit snooze 2 of 3 times in the morning before I actually get out of bed.  Well, apparently I accidentally turned off my alarm instead of snoozing.  I think I thought I was fully awake, but then fell back asleep because I was still laying there.  I woke up naturally a little later and realized it was light out and was like “hmmm this isn’t right.”  It was only 7:03 though, so I quickly changed and got myself out to the door.  Technically it was supposed to be 7 miles, but I was back at my condo after 6.6 and since I was already “running” late, I stopped right there.

Thursday – 8.6 miles in 1:10:15 (8:10 avg pace)

Longish run on the treadmill.  I kept it pretty easy though, so it wasn’t too bad.

Friday – 6.35 miles in 50:00 (7:52 avg pace)

Failed on the morning run, so had to get this one in after work.  Wore the Garmin, so splits were: 8:00, 8:08, 7:51, 7:54, 7:40, 7:31, then 3:00 for the last .35 miles.

Saturday – 10 miles in 1:16:05 (7:37 avg pace)

This was an interesting run.  First of all, I woke up in the middle of the night (or actually more like at 5:15am) with extreme stomach pain.  I don’t know what the cause was, but it was pretty bad.  It finally went away enough for me to go back to sleep for a few hours around 9am or so.  So I didn’t head out on this run until about 12:30pm.  But that’s OK because it doesn’t really matter in the winter since you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot if you wait too long.

The plan was 10 miles with the last 3-4 at uptempo.  I decided to run north through the city then get on the lakefront trail to head south for the uptempo portion without any stoplight interruptions.  I definitely got my share of stoplight interruptions on the northern route.

Splits: 8:00, 7:53, 7:29, 7:28, 7:26, 7:27, 7:44, 7:23, 7:56, 7:33

So basically I started easy and then I didn’t feel like I picked up the pace at all/thought I was going at a fairly easy effort so when I did those 4 miles in the middle there from 7:26-7:29 I was pretty surprised but pleased with it because obviously I was being consistent and it felt good.  Then I got on the lakefront path and things went south.  Namely, I went south.  The wind went north.  So that’s where that 7:44 mile came in and then I tried to pick up the pace for the uptempo and hit the 7:23 but was giving so much more effort than I previously was.

Then I decided to get off the lakefront and go back through the city where I hoped there’d be less wind.  That 9th mile was hard…by this point I was just beat from the faster paces in the previous miles, but was glad I was able to pick it up a little again in the final mile.

Sunday – OFF!

And this was the day I developed a cold.  To be continued tomorrow in next week’s recap…

Total – 44 miles

Overall, this was a strong week.  There weren’t any particularly fast workouts and my long run didn’t go quite as planned, but still ended up with an average pace for it that I’m really happy with.  This week was all about getting up to some higher mileage runs on a regular basis.

How often do you oversleep/accidentally turn off your alarm??  I don’t very often because I have a pretty good system, but can’t expect it to be perfect I guess.

Do you have any good tips/tricks for running in the wind?

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  1. Nice job on your runs! This week I was definitely hitting snooze a lot more. So I have about 10 alarms set because one of them will eventually get me up.

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