Weekend in TWOs

This was quite the productive weekend for me… let’s break it down into sets of TWO:

TWO runs totaling almost 19 miles…

On Saturday morning, I needed to get in my long run of 12 miles for the week.  I was a little nervous for this because last week I didn’t do a long run since I was sick and the week before, my 10 mile run felt reallyyy hard at the end.  And I haven’t done any runs over 10.25 miles yet this training cycle…or actually since the Boston Marathon exactly 10 months ago.

But the face that it was a beautiful sunny & 55 degree day in February made it a lot easier to get my butt out the door.


See the people just out strolling with no jackets?!

Right before I was about to head out, my friend Jocelyn called and I told her I was about to run and she said “That’s exactly why I’m calling! I wanted to see if you want to run?”  So Jocelyn met me at my place and we headed towards the lakefront.  She ended up splitting off after just 2 miles, but it was great to have a friend to start with at least and chat for a bit!  Miles 1 & 2: 8:29, 8:46.

I continued on my merry way heading south. Miles 3& 4: 7:58, 7:57.  Downtown, a girl hopped on the path at an intersection and she was running maybe about 5-10 seconds ahead of me, going slightly faster than I was…so then I just started trying to not let the gap between us grow any further.  Miles 5 & 6: 7:44, 7:40.


That girl stopped shortly before I hit 6 miles/my turnaround point, but I managed to keep up that pace even without chasing her :) Miles 7 & 8: 7:38, 7:52.  Around this point, I was starting to think hmmm maybe I should’ve just been keeping it nice and easy.  Miles 9 & 10: 7:49, 8:14.  But then after slowing myself down a bit during the 10th mile, I felt refreshed.  Miles 11 & 12: 7:47, 7:42.  I had decided to add on an extra mile to my 12-mile run since Jocelyn and I took a bit of a walking break between our 1st and 2nd mile.  So, mile 13: 7:44.  And then some change til I arrived back home at 13.35 miles!

And run number TWO this weekend was 5.5 miles on Sunday in 42:30 for a 7:44 average pace.  Normally Sundays are my off day, but this week I took Friday off because my legs were very tired so I wanted to rest them to be sure I could get in the full long run on Saturday.  I think I was going faster-than-usual again because it was cold and windy and I needed to get back because my mom was waiting for me to continue on with the other big weekend activity:

TWO days of painting using TWO gallons of paint…

Ever since I moved into my condo just over 2 months ago, I’ve been needing to paint.  We did get the closet painted almost right after moving in, but have been delaying the rest because I wasn’t sure if my parents and I could do it or if I should hire someone.  My mom decided we could at least do the upstairs ourselves and that this weekend was the time to do it.

Before (or kinda in progress):


And after:


Not the best of pictures because it was already dark out when we finished, so the lighting is weird, but it used to be a dark beige and now it’s a lovely light mint green.

Despite the running and hard labor, I did get some fun in this weekend, TWO friends eating TWO tacos and seeing a comedy show

Catherine and I went to the #dateme comedy show at Second City.  It was hilarious and I’m glad enough other people also feel the pain/annoyances of the dating apps like I do that they made a whole show about it.  Beforehand, we got tacos at Buzz Bait in Old Town.  I’ve been to a lot of the restaurants/bars on Wells, but had not been there yet and wanted to try.  They definitely did not disappoint (I had 1 chicken and 1 shrimp) and I love tacos so I’ll definitely be back there for more in the near future I’m sure.

Speaking of food, my mom and I took a break from painting on Sunday and went to Happy Camper for TWO pizzas


So that was my weekend!  With some pockets of time doing some work, cleaning, and watching a bit of TV of course too.

Tell me TWO things about your weekend.  Did you have great weather too??

What is your favorite type of taco?  I think I have to go with shrimp.  Every time I get a shrimp taco, it’s always delish.

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  1. What a fantastic weekend, lady!

    Two things that happened during my weekend: Race and relax.:) Keep up the awesome training!

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