Highest Mileage Week Yet! (51.95 Miles)

I feel like I could probably keep re-using the same title for this post over and over in the next few weeks.  At least I hope I can, because I hope I’ll keep improving and keep increasing the mileage a little further.  I’m actually surprised how well my body has been handling it lately.  There was a rough patch when the weeks first started getting over 40 miles, but now I feel mostly accustomed to it.

So here’s the recap from my highest mileage week ever*:

Monday – 6.7 miles in 54:15 (8:05 avg pace) & “Boot Camp” class

Just a normal run in the morning (didn’t feel amazing, but got it done) and then “Boot Camp” class in the afternoon.  Loved the class at Yoga Six.  However, now a week later I haven’t had a chance to go back yet.  I need to make that a priority for the next few weeks to make my trial month worth it!  The class was mostly tabata-style.  A lot of plants, jumping jacks, burbees, and weight exercises with 10-pound dumbbells.

Tuesday – 8.25 miles in 1:06:00 (8:00 avg pace)

I don’t remember anything about this run.  So it probably wasn’t anything special.

Wednesday – 12 miles in 1:30:30 (7:32 avg pace)

PR for longest treadmill run everrrrrr – read the deets here.

Thursday – 5 miles in 42:00 (8:24 avg pace)

Super short, easy run after yesterday’s hard workout.  I was in a poor mood, so I kept it very easy on the treadmill.  I was actually surprised how good I felt though.  I thought I’d be insanely sore.  #progress

Friday – OFF

Just couldn’t motivate myself because I was still in a crappy mood and just run down from the week.

Saturday – 12.5 miles in 1:39:00 (7:55 avg pace)

I didn’t wear the Garmin on this one – just my normal watch.  There are some mile markers along the lakefront trail, so I timed myself for part of it and was hitting exactly 7:40 miles.  So I was probably going slower at the beginning and at the end because the 5.5 miles I timed were in the middle of the run.  And I’m sure I was “subconsciously” going a tad faster since I knew I was timing myself.  But really, there wasn’t too much that was noteworthy about this run.  Then I felt like death afterwards.  Not sure why, but it took me a few hours and a few cups of coffee to get my energy back up.  But my mom came over and we walked to get lunch so I think that long-ish walk (maybe about half mile each way) helped to loosen me up.

Sunday – 7.5 miles in 59:00 (7:52 avg pace)

Easy run.  I had walked all over the city earlier in the day for some shopping and for a coffee/lunch date with my friend Bethany so I had already met my step goal for the day (12k steps) before I did this run.  And I considered not doing it.  But Erin gently reminded me that I took Friday off.  So I ran.

TOTAL51.95 miles & 1 “Boot Camp” Class

*Technically speaking, my highest mileage week ever was one week in July of 2009 training for cross country, but that was 7 days of running and also included a 2-a-day on one of the days, so that was 8 runs.  This past week was only 6 days.  Maybe sometime I’ll get to the point where I’m doing a 14 day cycle w/ 1 off day in every 2 weeks, but we’ll see.  Baby steps.

Going forward, I’m looking to hitting the >50 miles for week much more often!  My downfall in the past has been inconsistency with training – a 20 mile week, followed by a 35 mile week, followed by a 15 mile week, etc.  But now I’ve been better about running definitely 5, usually 6, days/week.

What is your highest mileage week ever?

2 Thoughts on “Highest Mileage Week Yet! (51.95 Miles)

  1. Nice work! I’m pretty sure I’ve maxed out at like…35 miles. If even that. Haha. I’ve thought a lot about upping my mileage this coming summer for fall marathon training, but I’m really, really scared of getting hurt. I’m so conflicted – I feel like I really need to run more in order to get better (and ideally faster), but I don’t want to run more and risk injury. I also like doing too many other things! But I was thinking of maybe trying running four times per week once during every three-week block of training (my marathon training program goes build week, build week, cutback week, so I view the whole thing in blocks of three weeks), seeing what happens, and maybe adjusting as necessary. We’ll see!

    • Yeah that’s a fear I have too. I don’t want to overdo and then not be able to run at all. But now we can go on long walks with coffee together as recovery from our high running mileage this summer!! And then get donuts/scones.

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