Anchorage Mayor’s Marathon – Now On My Sched

I did it.  I registered for another marathon!

In case you don’t follow me on Instagram (you should), here’s what I posted:


After the Boston Marathon last April, I was supposed to run the Chicago Marathon in October.  But I had a bit of an injury when I started to try starting to train again in May.  Pretty sure the Boston Marathon just absolutely murdered my legs.  I was also in the midst of moving and starting a new job, so even when I did start running again, I never really started “training.”  And I decided the pure thought of training for and running in another marathon sounded like the worst thing ever.

Lately I’ve been training hard for the St. Louis Half Marathon and at the back of my mind I know that I want to try to PR in a fall marathon.  But I’ve also kept Aunt Sonja and Uncle Dave’s offer to have me come up to Alaska to visit and run the Anchorage Mayor’s Marathon at the back of my mind as well.


And finally this week, I just decided to book a flight, register for the full marathon, and commit to it!

They came all the way to watch me run the Boston Marathon and I want to visit them in Alaska anyways, so it only makes sense to visit the week of the marathon.

(I actually have been to Alaska with them before, but it was before they were Alaska residents and was way back when I was in high school.)

I’m not sure yet what my goal for the race will be.  It will definitely be a tougher race than I’m used to.  Or rather, a race that does not align with my training terrain.  I lived in Chicago when I trained for the Chicago Marathon.  And I lived in Cincinnati when I trained for Boston, which gave me hilly routes to run on in preparation for a hilly course.  For this one, I’ll be training on the flat land for a hillier race that includes some trail and gravel terrain.

I do want to train as well as I can, but I’m not sure at this point if that will mean shooting for a PR.  I’ll have to see what kind of shape I’m in over the next few weeks.  One bonus of this race is that it’s date, June 18, will make for perfect marathon training weather during April, May, and June.

And now that I just looked back at pictures from the Boston Marathon weekend, let’s say goal #1 = not puking in the 48 hours before the race.

I hope you will all follow along with my training over the next 11.5 weeks!!

To start things off this week, I’ve had a few “normal” runs.  Yesterday morning was easily one of the worst runs I’ve had in awhile.  Mainly because I felt like I was running into the wind the entire time.  I’m not sure how that’s even possible, but that’s what it felt like.  I better be stronger for enduring that one!  It did feel good to finally do a morning run again though (I’ve gotten into the evening run habit over the past week or so.)

Are you a fan of “run-cations” or destination races?

Have you ever been to Alaska?

2 Thoughts on “Anchorage Mayor’s Marathon – Now On My Sched

  1. Oh wow, how exciting! I’ve never been to Alaska, but that would be such a cool way to see part of the state (never mind a great excuse to go). I can’t wait to hear about the race–I’m so intrigued by this!

  2. Thats so exciting! My husband wants to do a marathon in every state, so eventually we will have to go to Alaska (if we actually follow through with that goal…) Sounds like it will be an amazing experience!

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