Reading, Watching, and Eating – 3.25.2016

Happy Friday!  I wanted to resurrect (timely reference, #Easter) the Friday Favorites posts.  But what I came up with aren’t necessarily “favorites” but more like just what I’m doing in my life outside of running.  Because lately you’ve mostly only gotten to see the running :)  So here’s (some of) what I’ve been reading, watching, and eating this week:


The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

I’ve been trying to read more, and although I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like to, maybe it’s all about quality over quantity?  The books I do have on my list to-read are all business-y related books or running books.  I do want to get in some of the just-for-fun fiction as well, but lately it hasn’t seemed like there is enough time.  I actually think the key might be to go back to audiobooks, because I can multi-task while I listen.  I was a big fan of coloring while I listened.


I also need to color more…

Anyways, I’m currently reading The Outliers, as it was the book of the month for a book club started at work.  Unfortunately, I didn’t read it fast enough and the discussion meeting crept up on me, so I didn’t participate.  But now that I’m almost done I started to look for some discussion questions online and plan to “informally” talk to some of the others who read the book once I finish it!  I think the biggest thing I’ve tried to mentally explore so far is that there are so many factors to “success” outside of what one might expect, particularly opportunity.  And I’ve been trying to apply it to my own personal experiences:

I ran the Boston Marathon last April.  I had moved to Cincinnati a year prior and therefore a good portion of my training, and especially my long runs, was on hilly routes.  Had I been still living and training in Chicago for a course with the elevation profile of Boston, I can almost guarantee I would not have been as successful as I was.  Obviously my performance there was not an “outlier” in comparison to everyone else who ran and was not even a PR (but it was close!) for me, but it was the best I could have done and my personal success could be greatly attributed to the fact that I had the opportunity to train in Cincinnati instead of in Chicago.


This was by far my best work of Snapchat art.  And was created BEFORE the race.  If I had to create it after the race, it would be continuous rain cloud emojis and then I’d replace the beers with coffee and donuts.  The beers didn’t come until dinner time that night.

Another success in my life lately that I believe as been a product of opportunity and seizing that opportunity is my recent promotion at work.  Promotions are the result of both ability and opportunity.  And I know that I deserved my promotion and I worked hard to prove myself competent, but I also was coming up to this competency level at a time when my team had recently experienced a bit of turnover, so the need for someone at my current level was more immediate.  And by stepping up to my new role when I did, I’ve had even more opportunity to showcase my skills and am very excited for how my career will continue to progress over the next few months and the next year.


The Barkley Marathons

This is a new-to-Netflix documentary and I think it’s a must-watch even if you aren’t a runner!  It’s almost just comedy.  It seemed that every few minutes, they revealed some new gimmick about this race and every time it left me wondering “how did this guy think of this??”  Essentially, it’s a 100 (or maybe more) mile trail race in Tennessee that VERY few people have ever finished – I believe it’s at 14 finishers in 30 years now.

March Madness

My beloved Dayton Flyers lost in the first round this year, but I’ve still enjoyed watching some of the other games and keeping tabs on my brackets!  I’m currently in pretty good shape – I have Kansas as my overall winner and so far all of my Final Four teams are still in – that could change tonight I suppose though.


Bolthouse Farms juices

I’ve bought these on occasion, usually the Mango Protein Plus flavor.  I like to drink that flavor after a morning run because it’s a nice fruity morning smoothie drink and it’s packed with protein, so I assume it’s a good post-workout drink.  But this week I decided to try some new flavors.  I’ve felt like a lot of what I eat during the day is all processed carbs, so I wanted a way to get in more fruits/veggies/nutrition.  I tried 2 types of “green juices” this week – one being more of a smoothie texture (Green Goddess) and the other being more of a juice consistency.  Both were really good!  But then I also tried a berry flavor and it tastes like cough syrup.  Yuckkk.  Also, the Blended Coffee Protein Plus flavor is magically good, but I’ve been trying to stick to the produce flavors lately.

Have you read The Outliers?  What successes in your life can you correlate to “outside” factors or opportunity?

What teams do you have in the Final Four this year??

Have you tried any of the Bolthouse Farms juices?  Or would you recommend a different brand?

What have you been reading, watching or eating this week?

2 Thoughts on “Reading, Watching, and Eating – 3.25.2016

  1. My brackets are in a varying state of disarray, depending on which one you want to talk about. I’m in three pools with four different brackets (one pool allowed two entries), and, fortunately, in the pool I care about the most, I’ve only lost one Final Four team thus far (not my national champion). In my family pool, which is #2 on my priority list, I’m doing okay, but that’s mostly because my mom and sister had MSU winning it all, and I have Nova winning it all. Then in the pool with two entries that I don’t care all that much about…well, let’s just say it’s a good thing I don’t care all that much about it haha. In one of those brackets, my ENTIRE Final Four is gone, and in the other one I had Kentucky winning, so…yeah. But I suppose that’s March for you.

    Congrats on your promotion!! That’s so exciting, and it must feel great to see all your hard work rewarded like that :)

    • Mine went to crap after the Kansas lost last night now haha, oh well. I used the same bracket in each pool…I should try changing it up in each one next year to see how that works out. Maybe shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket haha.

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