Training, Learning Spanish, & A New PR!

Happy Monday, friends!  I have another week of training to update you on – and this was a decent one.  I’ve started tapering so in general, the week had an extra off day and a super easy shake-out run, but ended with the Shamrock Shuffle 8k race yesterday!

Monday – 8.2 miles in 1:04:30 (7:51 avg pace)

This was a good run.  I had a long workday, but got out the door when I got home for a run completely in the dark.  Due to that, I just stuck to one stretch of the lakefront path that was more well-lit and ran up and down it a few times.  I did the first 7.7 normal, then hard the last .5 mile.

Splits: 8:03, 8:07, 7:59, 8:07, 8:01, 7:43, 7:40, 5:45 for the last .7 of my “normal run”, then 3:10 for the hard half mile at the end.

I was really surprised when I saw that pace for the hard half mile!  Definitely felt like I was pushing, but didn’t think I was going quite that fast.  I’ll take it!

Tuesday – OFF

This was more of a mental off day.  I’m so over the cold.  I didn’t run in the morning and it was just one of those days where the ver last thing I wanted to do when I got home was run.  And I’d say during this training cycle I’ve been good about fighting that feeling, but it was cold and my condo was warm and I really did not want to be cold again.

I cozied up and worked on my Spanish with the Duo Lingo app.  I thought this phrase was appropriate:


And this one was not nice…no, thanks for bringing it up, Duo Lingo.


Wednesday – 11.4 miles in 1:30:00 (7:53 avg pace)

I did a run commute to work!!  More info on that to come, but it helped me get in a “mid-week” long run before work.


(Also learning how to use the camera timer…)

I ran north through the city and then east to the lakefront, with the intention of running all the way down the lakefront path to the loop.  But the wind was an absolute nightmare heading south, so I spent probably 3 miserable miles on the path, then went back to the city streets for the remainder of the trip to work.  I didn’t look at my watch at all until the last few miles.

Splits: 8:02, 8:03, 7:51, 7:48, 7:55, 7:42, 7:51, 8:12, 8:14 …then the Garmin went haywire due to the tall city buildings and clouds…but yeah obviously those last 2 miles I have splits for was when I started heading into the wind.  Other than that, I felt good!  I did not feel good the first half of the workday though.

Thursday – OFF

Both a mental and physical day off.  Really feeling fatigued after that long run and want to feel as fresh as possible for the race this weekend and next weekend of course!

I woke up Thursday morning and had this candle still burning from the night before…oopsie daisy.


Friday – 6.25 miles in 48:50 (7:48 avg pace)

Normal run with 10 x 30 seconds hard w/ 1:30 easy recovery.  I ran 26 minutes normal, then got on the lakefront path and started the fartlek, which took me right back to my condo.

This is my favorite race-week workout to throw in some quick pick-ups to practice form and turn-over.

Saturday – 3.3 miles in 28:00 (8:29 avg pace)

Super easy shake-out run!  I brought a $5 and ended at Dunkin Donuts to get coffee :)  Luckily I got this one in before the crazy wind and snow started.

Oh and my mom and I went to the Shamrock Shuffle expo!  AND then I got to see the cutest little future runner baby.

Sunday – 2 mile warm-up + Shamrock Shuffle 8k race

Full recap coming at you tomorrow, but spoiler alert: I finished in 33:46 (6:48 avg pace)!  And that is a PR :) …maybe because it’s only my 2nd ever 8k and the 1st was a flop.


(This photo & more on Instagram!)

Also, I was wearing my brand new Shamrock Sweaty Band!! (Use that link for 15% off NOW!)

Total – 36.2 miles

Do you speak any other language?  Or would you like to?

How do you taper for a big race?  I need some tips going into this week!  My current plan is just run easy, take 2 or 3 days completely off or cross train easy, and probably do that same 10 x 20 second fartlek workout one day.

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