Reflecting On My 1st Boston Marathon, 1 Year Later

The Boston Marathon is in 3 days!!  I’m jealous of everyone that is doing it, but I was definitely not ready to commit to another marathon during registration time last fall.  I thought it’d be fun to reflect on the weekend (you can read about my training summary, pre-race, RACE, and post-race) now that we are a year removed.

Although last year was a (very cold) dream and an amazing experience, there are of course some things I’d do differently:

  • Not buy as much paraphernalia.  I bought a lot of Boston Marathon 2015 items – 2 long sleeve shirts (in addition to the long sleeve shirt that was in the race packet), a pint glass, and the jacket.  But it was my first one, so that is acceptable.  When I do it again (assuming I qualify again, of course), I’d probably just stick to the jacket and OK, probably like 1 other thing, even if just a glass.  But do you even need more than 1 Boston jacket?  Most likely.  Oh, and then I was at a random outlet mall when I was on vacation in Florida in June (2 months after the race) and went into the adidas shop and they had extremely discounted Boston merch, so I bought 2 more clothing items.  And I wear them all with pride now.  So if it’s your first Boston, go all out.  But next time, I’ll try to rein it in a little.

Boston Jacket

  • Find a friend (or at least a moderate acquaintance/friend-of-a-friend in Boston to stay with.  Last year I was very lucky to have my parents, aunt & uncle & cousin, and Angela to stay in a hotel with.  So although I didn’t have to pay for the hotel, my mom said it was the most they’ve EVER paid for a standard hotel room.  Unless I was traveling with a larger group again, I’d probably try to use my social network to find someone I know there to stay with and mooch housing off of.  Or even if I was going to get a hotel, I guess I’d try to book as early and as cheaply as possible…if even possible.  I’m sure that city makes bank this weekend.  As does adidas (see above.)


  • Do more anti-rain dances in the weeks leading up to the race.  JK, I can’t control this one…or can I?…


Trying to smile, but so cold. (Sweaty Band = Chevron Slide 1″)

  • Leave on Tuesday.  Last year, I thought it was a grand ole idea to “make a vacation” out of it and stay til Wednesday.  Vacationing/site-seeing Ben Franklin’s church and Paul Revere’s grave is by no means enjoyable when you can barely walk.  On a scale of 1-10, I’d put the Freedom Trail normally at like a 6 maybe?  But when it’s the day after a marathon, at least 1 toenail is going to fall off, and your legs are extremely stiff, the Freedom Trail’s “fun rating” goes down to a 1.


(Sweaty Band = Hex in the City 1″)

  • Don’t throw up on the T.  Rather, try not to need to get off the T a stop earlier than your hotel to puke on the platform.  Not sure how this one could’ve been prevented…maybe I didn’t eat enough the day I was flying or maybe it was just nerves, but by the time I arrived in Boston I had a huge headache and felt extremely nauseous.


So those are just the things I’d do differently.  There were so many great parts of the experience that I would not change.  If you’re running this year, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the entire experience!!  I get extremely jealous when I see the photos appearing on social media advertising the race because every one seems to NOT be from last year because I’m sure everyone looks at least 60% more miserable last year than the previous.  So I wouldn’t want to advertise a marathon with photos of freezing people in rainy, cloudy weather either.  So all the sunshine photos make me want to run it again soon so I can enjoy the actual race more!  Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but I just don’t think I got the true experience.

Our spectators had some travel issues on race day that I doubt could have been prevented…lots of people and lots of security.

But what are some things I’d definitely do again??



Red Sox!  We were chilly at the game so spent a lot of time in the concourse and just outside of the ballpark where we could stand in the sun, but it was great to experience.


(Sweaty Band = Color Wash 1″)

Visiting the Finish line area the day before the race!  The weather was nicer that day, so we did a shake-out jog around Boston, near Harvard (I think?), and had a photo shot by the finish line.  A selfie stick would’ve come in handy, but luckily everyone was nice, so we took turns with some strangers taking each others picture.


The food!  These were some delicious gourmet fries and sauces we ate while waiting for our table at the famous seafood restaurant, Union Oyster House.


Taking a private bus to the start!


My training group in Cincinnati had a large enough crowd all going to the race, that they chartered a private bus for us.  This made everything a little less stressful.  It was a long, drizzly ride there and I thought “how am I going to run the whole way back downtown?”  But it was comforting to be around people I knew and our leader kept us entertained.  We all introduced ourselves, said what number marathon it is and what number Boston Marathon it is for us, etc.

And of course, the marathon!


My hair was not in a good state after that run…so many wet tangly knots.


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  1. If I ever make it to Boston, I would for sure buy a jacket for every year I ran the race. Those things are the ultimate status symbol in the running world in my opinion. I don’t think I’ll be able to stream the race online this year, but I’m still super excited for Monday!

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