Eating, Reading, and Watching 4.29.2016

Happy Friday!

You know how the sub-title (is that what it is?) of this blog is “…and do other stuff with her life?”  Well, this is the “other stuff” in my life.

It’s been a rough week, physically.  I’ve felt run down after last weekend’s 18-miler.  I have barely run this week and  I have barely had an appetite all week.  So I guess let’s start with…


The whole not having an appetite thing actually worked out well Monday and Tuesday because I wasn’t working in my office those days – I was at a management training seminar.  In my office, I typically have snacks on hand and my company supplies some healthy snacking options for employees.  But I didn’t bring any snacks to the seminar.  I did get hungry around lunch time though and since I don’t usually eat out for lunch, it was a nice treat to have something other than my typical turkey sandwich & pretzels.  I had the Farmhouse Chicken Salad from Potbelly on Monday and then on Tuesday I had a half chopped salad and a half turkey on pretzel bun sandwich.  So yeah, can’t always get away from the turkey sandwich.  Corner Bakery definitely makes it better than the kitchen de Colleen though.

Hmm yeah, so I live an adventurous life of eats.  Actually, I did have a very interesting new snack yesterday afternoon – one of the healthy snacks provided by my work.


The first bite was kinda mehh, probably because I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But then I actually thought they were pretty good.  I hope to see them around the office again soon so I can grab some more!


I’m currently in the midst of a few books – Now, Discover Your Strengths and Property of a Noblewoman.  Definitely 2 different types of books.  I haven’t done the Strengths Finder yet to see what it has to say about where my strengths lie, but I’ll be sure to fill you in when I do.  But in similar types of personality tests, I took the DiSC model analysis during my management training seminar earlier this week – my personality type is Conscientious.


Behaviors of the conscientious: Enjoys independence, Objective reasoning, Wants the details, and Fears being wrong.

I’d say those are about right.

The other book, Property of a Noblewoman, is a bit of a lighter reader than the management books.  I’m actually listening via audiobook because I wanted something to listen to during my drive to Indy a few weekends ago for the Carmel Half Marathon.  It’s decent, but nothing great – extremely predictable with what’s going to happen next.  But it kept me entertained on the drive.

On the drive home from Cincinnati that weekend, I actually listened to the Ted Talks podcast most of the way.  Each was probably 15 – 30 minutes.  I’m definitely going to try to find more podcasts to listen to on future drives.


Revenge: This is really the only show I’ve watched lately it seems.  My previous roommate Lauren and I got into it for awhile, but fell out of watching it when the plot line got super twisted and confusing.  So when I told some people I was going to start watching it again, I pretty much got the same reaction: stopped watching somewhere in Season 2.

And that’s where I am right now – Season 2, Episode 5.  I’m pretty sure Lauren and I never made it this far.

I think that’s the only notable thing I’ve really watched in the past month.  If I just have the regular cable TV on, it’s usually just the news or Shark Tank or The Big Bang Theory.

Have you ever taken the disc test?  Which style do you fall into?

Have you watched Revenge?  If so, did you watch to the end?

Tell Me What YOU Think!

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