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I Don’t Like Odd Numbers – 19.25 Miles

Everyone has a favorite number.  Some have a stronger affinity towards one number over all others (cough Erin cough).  I have a few favorite numbers I think…but in general I can say that I don’t like odd numbers.  They’re…odd, if you will.  They make me feel awkward.  Probably because I’m always the number these days.  I just like even-numbered dates and even-numbered things.

I’m pretty sure I hit on this in a post recently…but it seems like whenever I see marathon training plans or in the training plans I make for myself, long runs are always even-numbered distances.  I would never put a 17-mile or 19-mile run on my schedule.  Even 7-mile or 9-mile runs are weird.  Why not stick to 6 or 8 or 10?

So, this brings us to my Mother’s Day run.  I planned to do 20 miles since I had done 18 miles (actually 18.25…I’ll give myself credit where credit is due) 2 weeks ago.  We were supposed to be at brunch at my aunt and uncle’s house at 9:30am, so I had the idea to run from my parents’ house and end at brunch.

The route I’ve taken to run to their house before would be exactly 10 miles.  I didn’t map out a route beforehand, but figured I’d wind around a little before setting on that route and then add on what I needed to at the end.

Unfortunately, within the first 30 minutes of the run, I was not feeling so great.  Not bad, but not feeling like I was going to make it 20 miles.  Right about 30 minutes in, I stopped at a light and needed to take off my long-sleeve shirt and took a minute to stretch out and gather my thoughts.  I decided to continue the direction I was headed, but then to loop back home, for a total of about 7 miles.

But then when I got to the corner where I originally planned to make the turn to head on the route to my cousins’ house, I made the turn.  I think I was in one of my “yeah I can totally do 20 miles!” phases that surprisingly did come.  Normally, I make the decision to quit and it’s done.  That phase ended soon after (don’t worry, it came back again…it really is come and go), but by this time, I was at the point of no return.  If I headed back home, I’d risk not making it back in time before Mom had to leave for brunch…at least that was what I was telling myself so that I wouldn’t turn back.

Like the 18.25 mile run a few weeks ago, I was going completely off of time and had no idea on distance.  I told myself I wanted to run for 2 hours and 40 minutes and see how far that got me.  I was soooo close to their house around 2:20 I believe, but I made myself add on a loop.  And I really struggled during that loop.  I was on side streets, but a few cars passed by me and I don’t even want to know what they were thinking I looked like because it probably wasn’t pretty.

I told myself I’d run to 2:35.  That would be 10 minutes longer than the previous long run.  I got to their house in 2:32.  And I talked myself into running around the block.  And I finished in 2:35:30 for 19.25 miles.  OK, it was actually 19.28 in 2:35:33 according to my Garmin…but you know, weird odd/non-rounded numbers don’t fly with me.


This was right as Grandma & Grandpa were pulling up and getting out of their car.  I went to give them a hug (they wouldn’t accept one #sweaty) and I was pretty wiped out, but I knew I was supposed to say something to Grandma so I said “Happy Birthday!”  I soon realized that the correct greeting was actually “Happy Mother’s Day!” but they got over it after I told them I just finished running 19+ miles.

So that is my story on my most recent long run. I have another coming up this weekend that I’ll give you the deets on next week – hopefully will hit that 20 miles.

Also, my playlist ran out of songs on this run!  I need to remember to make a longer one!  The current one was intended for a half marathon.

Do you go in and out of strong and weak (mental) phases during your long runs? How do to talk yourself out of the “bad” phases?

When An 18 Mile Run Makes You Feel Hungover

In any marathon training plan that I’ve seen there will be at least one 18 mile run, maybe two.  But when I thought about it after my successful 18 mile run yesterday, I think there was only one other time I’ve been able to conquer the 18 miles.  And that was when I actually had a shorter run (still a long run, but a shorter long run) on the schedule, but others in my group pushed me to go longer.

For whatever reason, I’ve determined that 18 mile runs are more difficult than 20 miles.  And, obviously, more difficult than 16 mile runs.  Does anyone else operate in even-number increments when it comes to long runs?  I’ve never even considered doing a 17 mile run or a 19 mile run.

I even just checked back at my running log from Chicago Marathon training in 2013 and found 2 occasions that started with I intended to do 18 today, but…” and those resulted in 16 mile runs.  Found the posts about each here and here.  I should write another poem post again.  Stay tuned for that.

I actually thought about one of this 16 mile run from 2013 a lot on my run yesterday because I was doing a similar route from my parents house.  Here was the data from that run, just for old time’s sake:


Also with the clunkier Garmin…

I’m thinking maybe the 18 mile run is difficult because it doesn’t have the “prestige” and isn’t built up quite as much as the 20 mile run(s) during a marathon training cycle.  But an 18 mile run is still really far!  So here’s how mine went down:

I decided last minute Friday night to come home to my parents’ house in the suburbs for the weekend because my brother Patrick decided to come in town from St. Louis.  I had in my head that I wanted to do 18 miles, but said I’d also be happy with anything over 16 since my previous longest run this year so far was 15 miles.

Taking the advice of Catherine, I set my Garmin to only show the running time and not even show the mile splits.  I figured this way I could have a good measurement of distance, but not worry about pace the entire time.  I was, however, expecting that I’d be able to see mile splits after the run, but I was not.  I’ll have to figure that out.  This also allowed me to have the freedom of running anywhere I want and not needing to remember where I ran so that I could go map it later.


Sorry, spoiler alert on the picture, but had to get one in there!

I slept in until 9 and then finally set out for the run around 10:30am.  The weather was sweet and I had no plans the rest of the day, so no need to wake up early to get it in!  Actually, the weather was so sweet that I originally had on capris and a long sleeve, but stepped outside to the driveway and turned right back around to put on a short sleeve shirt.  I kept the capris on, but definitely could’ve gone for shorts, or even a tank top too.

My dad, brothers, and cousin Joe were golfing at a course nearby, so I decided I was going to run up there.  It only took be 31 minutes to run there and I didn’t immediately see them from the road and didn’t want to disturb the others golfers by running on the course.  So instead, I just used the bathroom at the starting house, and continued on my way.  The starter gave me the evil eye for this.


I continued to run up and down some residential streets, then eventually got back on a busier road to do a route I was pretty familiar with.  I hit an intersection at 1:05 into the run that I thought was about 3 miles away from my house, so I decided I would just plan to be back at that intersection at 2 hours, which would get me home around 2:24.  That should be about 18 miles, assuming I was doing an 8 minute pace.  I made sure to not push the pace, especially at the beginning and tried to just relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

At about 1:25 into the run, I stopped at a Burger King to get a small cup of water to take my Gu with and ended up using the bathroom again really quickly too.  I expected to start up again feeling crappy, but I actually felt surprisingly great.  I just concentrated on getting back to that intersection and then I’d be homefree.

After the Burger King stop, I even thought maybe I’d try to pick up the pace for the last 3 miles.  But when I got to that intersection, I wasn’t quite ready to do so.  I kept trucking along and as I passed the YMCA, I saw mom’s car there (she was at Zumba) and figured I’d see her driving home as I was running the final stretch, but apparently she went a different way home to make another stop.  Once I hit the point that I knew it was 2 miles from home, I picked up the pace.  That didn’t end up lasting too long – maybe about half mile.  Then I just needed to hold on until I got back home.

Stopped my watch at exactly 2:25 and was super pumped to see 18.27 miles!

And then, I collapsed onto the driveway…after calling into my mom, who had just gotten home from the Y, to bring me a water bottle and towel.


Ouch.  The real pain came about an hour or so later though, when we went to Home Depot and I was fairly confident I was going to die right there in the store.  I had to sit down in the aisle for a minute and then found a pile of mulch I could sit on.

After a Gatorade, a bowl of ice cream (I couldn’t stand the thought of real food…), and a few hours of sitting around, I was finally ready to eat and socialize.  Joe, Kathleen, and Kelly were planning to cook burgers & mac ‘n cheese and watch the Hawks game, so I happily joined them.


I only had 2 beers during the game, so I obviously wasn’t drunk, but the way I felt Sunday was kind of equivalent to how I feel when I am hungover – very dehydrated and not at all on my top game.  That run took a lot out of me.  Nevertheless, I got a lot done Sunday, including working out!  More on the rest of the weekend to come though :)

What is your favorite long run distance?  The 20-miler or some other distance?  Do you also only think of long runs in even numbered increments??

You Could Say I’m Marathon Training Now

Now that those half marathons are out of the way…it’s time to shift my focus to the marathon.  I wasn’t originally planning on this a few months ago, but now I will be running the Anchorage Marathon on June 18.

I feel ready (to train, obviously not to run a marathon yet.)  But also not ready.  My longest run so far this year (and since the Boston Marathon exactly 1 year ago) is 15 miles.


I don’t have a specific plan I’m following right now, but I set what I will call “mileage guidelines.”  So what are my mileage guidelines?  Over the next 9 weeks I’d like to hit:

  • Long run distances each week of at least 14 miles.  I’d like to get in at least 2 20-mile runs (probably 2 weeks out and 4 weeks out), as well as 2 18 mile runs (probably 3 weeks out and 6 weeks out.)
  • Weekly mileage of at least 50 miles.
  • A mid-week longish run or tempo run of at least 10 miles.  If it’s a tempo, then it’d be something like 3 miles normal + 6 miles tempo + 1 mile normal or maybe some long tempo intervals.
  • A mid-week shorter speed workout like a fartlek or mile repeats.  I’d kinda like to try the Yasso 800s again too.

I will probably write up a more formal plan (and have my friend Stu help me), but at least for this week after my back-to-back half marathons, I’m going for unstructured.

These week has started off well though: Monday I ran 7.6 miles at 8:04 average pace and then Tuesday I ran 6.9 at 8:02 average pace.  Both runs felt fairly easy, but Tuesday involved some wind.

Actually, I have a few things to discuss with you about Tuesday’s run.  I’m going to try this whole run-commuting thing (I think I mentioned that previously?) to save a few buck$ and a few minutes each day.  The other 2 times I’ve done it so far – I’m waiting on the weather to get a little better – have worked out perfectly.  Besides a little bit of chaffing from my backpack straps, no major issues.

Tuesday, however, I ran into a snag.  The run-commute is all about planning.  I brought my computer to work with my regular backpack and stuffed my running clothes and run-commuting backpack into that larger backpack.  So then the plan was to not bring my computer home that night and just run commute home.  I transferred my wallet, Ventra card, and such into the running backpack and set out for my run/commute home.

Going straight home would only be 1.9 miles, so I headed to the lakefront and ran south for a bit before turning around and heading north to my condo.  The wind was rough along the lake heading north, so I switched back over to the city streets, which were better on the windy-ness front, but not on the crowded-ness front.  As I approached the intersection where my condo is, I realized I forgot my keys.  They were still in the pocket of my other backpack!  #megafail


(Sweaty Band = Fabulousity Black 1″)

But it was probably a blessing in disguise.  If you’d consider getting an extra 1.9 miles added to your run is a blessing.  I was all set to stop at my condo after exactly 5 miles, so it was like the marathon-ing gods were like “Nope, Colleen, you said you were going to run 7-8 miles today and that’s what you’re gonna do.”  I sure showed them by only running 6.9 miles.  Then I took the bus home.  So I didn’t end up saving my $2.25 that day, but I did add an extra 1.9 miles to my marathon-training bank.

Do you follow structured plans or do you just make “guidelines” to follow?

Race Recap: Go! St. Louis Half Marathon (1:39:50)

Oh man, what to say about this race?  It was a rough one, both physically and emotionally.

The Expo:

My mom and I got into St. Louis early afternoon and went straight to St. Louis Bread Co. (aka Panera Bread) for lunch, then headed to Chaifetz Arena for the Go! St. Louis Marathon & Half Marathon expo.  We met Liz, Casey, Angela, and Emily there and walked around for a bit.  We were on the hunt for black arm warmers, but didn’t have any luck there.  It was a very random collection of expo vendors – some running stores, some local restaurants/gyms, and a guy selling pots and pans.

After the expo, Angela and I took Lulu for a long walk to shake out our legs.  And hers…


We spent the night making dinner, watching Revenge, and getting all our race gear ready to go!


The race started at 7am, so we had a very early wake-up call.  But that allowed us to take our time getting ready and I ate half a bagel with peanut butter and drank water and a cup of coffee.

We picked up Liz & Casey and found parking really easily.  But then we had a little bit of a trek to get to the start area and need a stop at the port-a-pottys which had outrageous lines.  Serious question – is it possible for a race to ever have enough port-a-potties?  I don’t think so.  Every race I’ve ever been at has far too few.  (Except Boston, because Boston does everything to perfection at this point I’m sure.)  I would be OK if race directors wanted to use my entry fee for more port-a-potties and less bags of pretzels and chips at the end of races.

After we finally made it through the port-a-potties, the race was literally starting so we ran to try to get up into Corral B.  We ended up at the back of Corral C, with just a fraction of a second to take a selfie:


(Sweaty Bands = Wicked Exclusive Fuchsia 1″)

If I had more seconds, I would try to get a better one, but this one will have to do.  Then I scrambled with my iPod, had a moment of not knowing if it was going to work or not, but then it started and so did we.

The Race:

I’m going to lay out my splits according to my Garmin, but splits according to the official race time seem quite different, at least for the first few miles.

Mile 1: 7:16

The race started winding through some streets of downtown St. Louis.  It seemed like there were a lot of turns and we were fighting through people.  I tried not to be too aggressive, but it was frustrating at some points, and then I would speed up whenever I did have a clear path.  It was very hard to judge pace while doing this and I could tell that it didn’t feel easy.  At this point I was still with Angela and Liz, but Liz took off ahead of us right after the first mile.  We passed the 1st mile marker when my watch said 7:06, but then the Garmin beeped for a mile a little later at 7:15.

Miles 2 & 3: 7:06, 7:05

These 2 miles were over the Mississippi River and into East St. Louis, IL.  Not the best smelling town… But mile 2 had a pretty nice downhill and Mile 3 was a few rolling hills.  I felt decent here, but not as good as I would’ve liked.

Miles 4 – 6: 7:28, 7:22, 7:25

This is where things started getting rough.  There was a huge hill, that I was able to see coming for awhile and then finally approached it and hurt so bad going up.  It was at least a half mile long to get up that hill to go over the bridge back to Missouri.


In case you’re wondering, no, the race’s website does not allude to this misery and shows a joke of an elevation chart.  Everything after mile 3 felt like it was nothing but uphill.

The weather was OK, but there was a part while I was running over the bridge during mile 4 that the wind was pushing me a bit sideways.  Other than over that bridge, I didn’t feel too much wind and the weather never bothered me. (Until I was done, then I was freezing.)

Mentally, I started to go pretty far south during miles 5 and 6.  I had no hope of maintaining under a 7:20 pace and was struggling hard to stay under 7:30.

I also yelled at some water-stop volunteers.  They were all crowding the street, making the path for runners to run through about 2-people wide.  So I told them to back up.  Runners will go to the side when they want water.  They don’t need to keep inching their way to the center with their arms stretched out trying to get people to take your cup.  If you hold it, they will come.  So that’s what kind of state I was in…nasty.

Mile 7: 7:25 + a 1 minute hiatus….

I was so mad.  I tried to tell myself that running doesn’t define me.  But then what does?  I don’t have anything else going on in my life except work.  I stopped when I saw my mom and wanted to quit the race (which is why I stopped my watch).  I threw my iPod off, cried and yelled for a bit, and then Angela convinced me to keep going with her.

Miles 8-12: 7:31, 7:49, 7:55, 7:30, 8:03, 7:38

Everything was hard.  Every thought I had was negative.  I hated myself every step because I had already failed myself by giving up.  But I had to finish because there was no other way back.  Angela continued to help to keep me going though and I tried to just keep my eye on her, even when I slowed down.  There was a photographer somewhere in this stretch:


I saw that photographer and I made the decision not to smile.  Normally I try to at least fake a smile, but I actually think this worked out better because I look focused.

Mile 13: 7:24

That’s actually pretty surprising…guess I was able to kick it in a little.

Finish Time: 1:39:50.  Actual time running from my Garmin was 1:38:44 since I had stopped it while I was stopped.

Post Race:

The finish area was nice – a good variety of food – toasted ravioli (a St. Louis delicacy), ice cream sandwiches, PB&J sandwiches, fruit, etc.  But I wasn’t interested in any of it.

What was by the far the most poor-planned thing ever was the gear check.  It was in a building across the street from the finish area.  The only way to get there was to cross the street…the street all the runners were running on.  So really, nobody could possibly yell it you for doing it because how else were you supposed to get your gear?

Final Thoughts:

Running really sucks sometimes.  I tried to spin this recap as positively as possible.  Well, not necessarily that, but just didn’t go into as much negative detail as I could.  There was a lot of typing and erasing because otherwise it would’ve just been a rant against myself.

Under 1:40 is still a great time that I am happy with for it being a bad race.  I’m going to try again in another half marathon this coming weekend and can only hope it goes better/I mentally hold up better when it gets rough.

PR For Longest Treadmill Run

Earlier this week I set my first PR of the year!  It’s not quite as exciting as a “faster time” PR and it’s not necessarily one I want to beat in the future, but it happened.

I ran 12 miles on a treadmill.  I’m not sure what my previous PR for longest treadmill run was, but I believe it was somewhere in the 10-11 range.  I did 10.25 on the treadmill a few weeks ago, and I’m pretty sure I had done over 10 another time or 2, but I don’t recall ever being over 11 miles on that beast.

Just Do It

So how did I manage to set this PR?

Well, the weather in Chicago has taken a turn for the worse again after 2 weekends of beautiful, sunny weather (and runs in shorts!)  But I also had specific paces to hit for my tempo workout, so the treadmill seemed like a good option since it’d help make me run exactly those paces.

The prescribed workout was 3 or 4 x 2 miles @ tempo pace.


I started with a 2 miles easy warm-up ranging in speed from 7.2 to 7.4.  Then I cranked it up and started the first tempo.  Since there was no treadmill pace for exactly 7:20, I started at 7:24.  After a few minutes, I pushed up the speed by .1 and then realized there was a 7:19 pace which probably would’ve done the trick, but since I had already run some at 7:24, I stayed at 7:19 for awhile, then pushed up another .1 to 7:13 pace for the last few minutes.  This brought me to finish the first tempo segment in 14:37.  Right on.

Between each tempo effort, I jogged .2 miles easy @ 8:34 pace.

To my delight, the 2nd one felt like I was just running easily and I finished that one in 14:28.  I used a similar pacing strategy – since I was trying to avg 7:15, I started at 7:19 pace then flucuated between 7:13 and 7:08 for a bit just changing it up as I felt like it.

The 3rd tempo effort was when things got a little more difficult, but still hit my time by finishing in 14:16.

And then I needed to hop off the treadmill for a bathroom break.  Therefore, my rest between the 3rd and 4th tempo effort was .2 miles easy, bathroom break, then .3 miles easy to get back into it.

I started the 4th tempo conservatively at the 7:08 pace, then gradually just kept working it down as I could, or throwing in 30 second bursts of faster speeds every so often.  And I finished in 13:51!

After that, I took an easy cool-down, which made the entire run 12 miles.  12 miles on the treadmill.  Woof.  However, because the majority was the tempo segments it felt so much (mentally) easier than a standard ol’ 5 mile run on the treadmill at a normal pace.

I can assure you that it is highly unlikely I will be beating that PR anytime soon.  Or maybe never.  Ideally never.

This was also probably my best workout of this training cycle so far.  Tempo paces scare me the most.  But you know:

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it’s doesn’t change you.” 

“No pain, no gain.”

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

…and any other quote to that effect.  Maybe I spend too much time on Pinterest/Instagram to be able to rattle those ones off so quickly here…

I need to get better at taking pictures.  Especially pictures that aren’t me on a treadmill.  And then when I do, maybe I’ll juxtapose some inspirational quotes on selfies.  This was definitely my best work of selfie art lately:


I needed a photo editing app that I could use to overlay text on a picture (so I could post my monthly mileage posts on Insta) and then was experimenting with the other features.  More creativity to come…

What is the longest run you’ve done on a treadmill?

Do you use any photo-editing apps?

Half Training Week 8 and The Oscars

Another Monday, another weekly recap of my training for you!

Monday – 6.1 miles in 49:00 (8:01 avg pace)

This run felt like it went on forever and ever.  I can’t believe how sore I still was from the weekend’s long run.  Not painfully sore, but more sore than I’d like to be for a 13+ mile run at this stage in the training.

Tuesday – OFF. Major fatigue from the weekend’s long run caught up with me.

Wednesday – 8 miles w/ 1 x 2.1 miles & 2 x 1.1 miles

This workout was a huge success.  It was originally supposed to be 4 x 1 mile repeats.  But since I was going to be on the treadmill for the workout, part of me wanted to change it up a little and do a “wave tempo” workout I learned about from NYC Running Mama because it sounded both challenging and like it’d keep me entertained on the treadmill.

However, I still wanted my screen covered up so instead of basing my speed changes on the distance (ever half mile), I decided I’d change speed with each song change.  So after a 2.5 mile warm-up, I started at a 7:03 pace, went down to 6:44 after 1 song, then back up to 7:03, then back down to 6:44 for a total of 4 songs and 2.1 miles.

Then I opted for a little break of a .3 mile jog at 8:34 pace.  Then I did the same thing, but broken up into 2 x 2 songs, so each repeat ended up being 1.1 miles.  I did this in the same “wave” fashion – the 1st was 6:58 & 6:40 pace for each song, then the 2nd was 6:53 & 6:35 pace for each song.

Dayton Flyers tank

And I wore my Dayton Flyers tank that I wore during the 2013 Chicago Marathon.  So I was channeling the fast vibes.

Thursday – 8.5 miles in 1:07:00 (7:52 avg pace)

I had a doctor’s appointment, so I took the afternoon off work.  Unfortunately, it was still pretty cold and windy, so I decided to go for the treadmill.  But since I was at my parent’s house, even a different treadmill sounded like a much-needed break from my usual treadmill at my work gym.

Friday – OFF. Unplanned, due to time constraints.

Saturday – 10.9 miles in 1:27:10 (7:59 avg pace)

Another beautiful Saturday for a long run!  I did 10 miles on my own, then was thinking I’d hit up the Fleet Feet fun run for a few extra miles.  But I was wiped out after those 10 or so miles, so I ended up just heading home.  But I did manage to run into Olivia, so then I met up with her and her friends for a few post-run beers!  And then a few more beers to celebrate my cousin Jennifer’s birthday!

Goose Island Post-Run

Sunday – 6.15 miles in 48:35 (7:53 avg pace) & “Deep Stretch” class

Despite the beers…not hungover on Sunday #blessed.  So I did a few easy miles on the lakefront.  It was a tad windy though, but I got over it given the fact that I was able to wear shorts.

Later in the day, I decided to join a yoga studio right around the corner from my condo because it’s only $49 for your first month and they have a variety of classes outside of just straight-up yoga.  I signed up for “Deep Stretch” and that it was.  I’d call it a yoga for beginners in a normal-temperature room.  So I didn’t sweat or anything, but it definitely stretched me out and helped to continually point out how inflexible I am.

TOTAL – 39.65 miles + 1 Deep Stretch class

So this was a “down” week, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s still a higher mileage than I can say I’m used to.  But that will change eventually.  It was definitely a down week in the sense that I had 2 off days.  And that upset me a bit because Friday was not a planned rest day, but I ended up needing to be at work longer than planned.  Then had to hurry up to get ready for dinner, so no time to fit in a run.

In other news:

I had this donut yesterday from Glazed & Infused.

Glazed and Infused Sprinkled Hawks Donut

Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself.  But I’ve also been treating myself to desserts way more frequently lately, so for the next 6 weeks until the race, I’m going to attempt to really limit the sugar intake.  So it was like a last hoo-rah donut.  And I just kept hearing about all the great donut places, so I needed to give one a try.  After the donut & coffee, I continued strolling around and peaked in a few stores on Michigan Avenue.  Wearing my sweet leggings and hat:

VS Leggings and UA Hat

Sorry about my face…I don’t know what a “normal” selfie face is supposed to be.

I can’t wait til I win an Oscar.  It’s only a matter of time.  But in the meantime, I’ll just commentate on some goings-on at last night’s Oscars:

Did Steve Carrell have glitter in his beard?  Or is he just getting soooo silver and not even gray?

Tom Hanks is still my favorite actor ever.  He should just win.  Every year.  20 years since Toy Story…that’s crazy talk.

I LOVED this dress:

Alicia Vikander at Oscars, Dress Like Belle from Beauty and the Beast


Also, seeing that picture again now really makes me want to nix all the donuts and desserts going forward.  And really wish I had a fancy occasion to dress up for.  I’ll just stick to leggings for now.

Who do you think was best-dressed at the Oscars?

What was your favorite Oscar moment?

Favorite Tom Hanks movie?

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