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CIM 2016 Training Week 1

Considering I haven’t blogged here in a few months, I haven’t told you all yet that I’m registered for the California International Marathon!  And with that, I obviously feel like I need to start this up again to document my training :)  So training “officially” started 2 weeks ago now, so week 1 was the week of 8/15 – 8/21.  In the next few days I’ll have Week 2 training and recaps of a few summer races, including the Anchorage Mayor’s Marathon.  But for now, let’s back track a bit to 2 weeks ago:

Monday – Off

Nailed it.  After running 22 of my 34 miles last week over Friday – Sunday, I decided Monday should be an off day.  So I very easily stuck to my first official day of my training plan.

Tuesday – 6.05 miles in 48:50 (8:04 avg pace)

Pretty typical run up and down the lakefront.  Nice and cool at first, but then got hotter/sunnier as it went on.

Wednesday – 8 miles in 1:04:30 (8:04 avg pace)

I was super nervous for this run since it’s a tad longer than my “normal” runs and it was hot and I have not been in the best mood lately and didn’t want to do this alone.  But I went and I got it done.  The first few miles were really hard and i was unsure I’d be able to finish, but the 2nd half felt way better.  Lately it seems like it takes me a long time to warm up.

And I need to call out my splits for this one because they were amazingly consistent: 8:22, 7:59, 8:03, 8:03, 8:03, 7:56, 8:00, 8:07

Hit exactly 8:03 for 3 miles in a row.  All 6 miles in the middle within 7 seconds of each other.

Thursday – 7 miles in 57:30 (8:12 avg pace)

I felt super efficient because of this run.  It was storming in the morning when I woke up, so I curled back up to sleep longer.  I had plans to meet Bethany for ice cream at Jeni’s up in Lakeview, so I brought my running backpack to work so I could run straight from work to Jeni’s.  I didn’t map this beforehand, but estimated it at about 6 miles…it ended up being 7 though so I was a little late.

Friday – 6 miles in 49:10 (8:11 avg pace)

Again, just another run up and down the lakefront but at least had some company for part of this one, so that made it go by more quickly than usual!

Saturday –  (AM) 12 miles in 1:39:00 (8:15 avg pace) & (PM) 3 miles without a watch

Ran with Catherine and the Elmhurst Running Club on the Prairie Path!  Cath and I did 10 miles with the group, then 2 on our own.  It was timed perfectly because we made it back to the car RIGHT as it started to downpour.  This run felt hard at the beginning, like I was racing to keep up with the group…but again, after I few miles I felt warmed up and much better.  But of course then the end was hard.  Still need to get used to the double digit runs again.

Later in the afternoon after the storms cleared up,  I was in a bad mood and needed to do something to make myself feel better and had to move my car anyways from where it was parked, so I ran around a bit to get my car.

Sunday – 6 miles without a watch

I really wasn’t sure if I’d run today or not because of how tired I felt after yesterday’s long run…and then figured the bonus 3 miles wouldn’t help that either.

But when you wake up and The Weather Channel app says it’s 60 degrees, you can’t not go for a run.  So I did just that right away when I woke up before I had the chance to talk myself out of it or for it to get any hotter.  I wanted to avoid the lakefront because of the Air & Water Show, so I ran my “normal” route north and then back south on the lakefront because I realized it actually was still early enough since the show wasn’t starting for another hour or so.

Later in the day, I ended up walking down the lakefront path on my way home from lunch with Erin and that was a huge mistake.  The Air and Water Show is a nightmare.

Total – 48 miles

So that was a lot of mileage (for me)…all within the same general pace.  This past week was another week of just “normal” mileage, then I’ll start getting into some speed workouts this week.  I also feel like I need to really slow down my easy runs.  I say that frequently though and then never end up going much slower.  Why is that so hard to do?

 Does it take you awhile to feel “warmed up” for runs?  It seems like it’s taking me a lot longer than usual lately…

How much does your pace vary both within a run and across runs each week?

Race Recap: Chase Corporate Challenge (24:44)

Last Thursday evening was the Chicago Chase Corporate Challenge.  This was my 3rd time running this particular event – the first 2 times in 2012 and 2013.

The Chase Corporate Challenge is a 3.5 mile race – I think think it may now just be called JP Morgan Corporate Challenge…those banks are always eating each other up and merging and changing names.  But Chase Corporate Challenge has a nicer ring to it, so that’s what I’m gonna go with.  Anyways, it’s a 3.5 mile race on the Thursday night before Memorial Day weekend.  Companies in the Chicagoland area can sponsor a team to compete and usually also offer hospitality tents and food & beverages for employees to just hang out at afterwards.


I was lucky enough to be the team captain for my current company.  It was hard work and time consuming to get all the moving pieces together (registration, ordering shirts, ordering food, getting everyone pumped, etc.), but definitely fun and worth the hassle.

We left the office as a group around 5:15pm and headed over to Grant Park.  Our company had a few volunteers who went to the park before us, after stopping at Jimmy John’s and Walgreens, to stake out a spot for us near Buckingham Fountain.  We arrived with some time to social, stretch it, and take a few photos.


I went for a quick warm-up jog with my friend Steve – about 1.5 miles easy + 4 quick, short strides to get some pick up in the legs.  After a few more team photos, I headed to the start line with Kristie and Jeremy.  We had special red bibs that got us into the first corral, based on the projected time we each entered at registration time.  Stu and Mitch joined us up there as well too.  We had a little while to wait and mainly just commented on the other companies’ shirts and hot and humid it was.  This was gonna hurt…

And finally, we were off!  My goal was to run 6:40 average pace.  I thought this was do-able given the speed of my first 5k during Shamrock Shuffle (about 6:43 pace.)

Well, I came through the 1st mile in 6:22.  And could tell there was no way I was holding that in this heat.  Why does the first mile always feel so easy??  Given that I ran a 6:18 mile race the prior weekend, which was an all-out effort, I should not be running the 1st mile of this race in 6:22.  And so I paid for it hard.

I came through the 2nd mile in 6:55.  Except I felt like I was still pushing just as hard.  I guess not…


(Having cropping issues..but I’m there in lime green!)

Right after the 2nd mile mark, there was a water station.  This was right after coming out from lower Wacker Drive (which felt like the equivalent of a sauna underneath there surrounded by other sweaty, hard-breathing bodies.  I stopped and walked probably 10 seconds to get my water in and re-group my thoughts.  But I basically decided I was just going to kinda coast in at this point because I couldn’t make myself go any faster.  The weird thing was that everyone around me seemed to have slowed down just as much because I felt like I was still around all the same runners during the 3rd mile that I was during the 1st.

My friend Mitch (who ran a 6:08 mile in the Humboldt Mile the prior weekend) was slightly behind me and I was expecting him to catch up, but even he remained about equi-distant behind me the whole time.  And a girl I know who I was right near coming through the first mile ended up finishing a minute behind me.  So that’s me just rationalizing my extreme slow down.  The 3rd mile was 7:48.  Major yikes.  At least I had that good first mile that was close to my 1-mile race time…I can count that as a speed workout.


I headed back to our base camp area and waited for the others while cracking open a beer.  I got about halfway through the beer when Stu came back (after finishing 5th overall!!) and asked if I wanted to do a cool-down.  So we ran about 15 minutes super easy around the park and back, where I finished that beer and scarfed down some JJ’s.

So kinda a disappointing finishing time, or rather a disappointing extreme slow-down…maybe wouldn’t have been as “disappointing” if I just accepted the heat before starting and adjusted my pacing/goals accordingly.  Oh well, I’m not too concerned over it – it was a fun time with my co-workers!  I did place 64th female overall, which I thought was still great given the size of the race (over 25k+, so I’d guess about 12k or so females.)

And then I walked home and got fro yo.  That’s how most of my stories end.

Chicago friends – Did you run the Chase Corporate Challenge?

Does your company sponsor athletic events?  I also play on a soccer team through work :)  I declined the kickball and softball teams.

Race Recap: Humboldt Mile (6:18)

Yesterday I ran a brand new race – The Humboldt Mile.  Some co-workers and I have been getting pumped for the Chase Corporate Challenge (which is this Thursday!) and one of them was planning to do the Humboldt Mile with some friends from her gym, so she extended the invitation.  A few of us decided it’d be fun and signed up as well.

And it was well worth the $20 entry fee for a variety of reasons!

Concept: First of all, the concept of a 1-mile race is something unique if not on a track…which you usually only get the chance to race during high school or college.  So that was enough to make me want to do it.  I haven’t raced anything shorter than a 5k since college.  I’ve done some 1-mile or 2-mile repeats as part of longer workouts, but not raced.  So I really just wanted to see how fast I could go if I was trying for an all-out effort.

Shirt: Nike Dri-Fit!  This type of race shirt is my favorite, and I think I’ve only gotten them from any of the Bank of America races. (Chicago Marathon and Shamrock Shuffle)  And actually from the Columbus Marathon way back in 2011 pre-blogging days.  I’ve done races that cost $80+ that come with a crappier, no-name brand race shirt.  So this was definitely a bonus for me.

Humboldt Mile Race Shirt

Cause: The Humboldt Mile was put on in conjunction with Hope For The Day, which supports starting a conversation around suicide prevention.  So that was a cause I could get behind.

Pre-Race Organization: I had never been to Humboldt Park before, but getting there was super easy!  Jenn, Danielle, and I just took the North Ave bus straight over, which dropped us off right at the park.  I checked a bag (no line), used the bathroom (no line), socialized, took some photos, and then made our way over to the starting area when they called us over.

Risers at Humboldt Mile

Race: Another co-worker, Mitch, was in the same heat as me, so I found him at the start line and just chatted while we waited.  There were a little over 500 finishers total of the Humboldt Mile and when we registered, you had to choose 1 of 3 heats – the first being competitive and the other 2 being more for fun or walking.  Mitch and I chose the competitive heat (Jenn and Danielle were in the 2nd one) and each were thinking we could come close to 6 minutes.

I ran the 1st mile of the Shamrock Shuffle a few months ago in 6:36, so I knew I should definitely be under 6:30.  But like I said, I haven’t raced an all-out mile, or even really done mile repeats in a long time.  I had done 2-mile repeats recently, but those were at 6:55 pace at their fastest.  And included 3 sets of 2 mile repeats, so not exactly a way to judge my 1 mile speed.

In Orange Theory, I do my “All Out” pace at a 6:00 pace, but we never hold the all-out pace for more than a minute at a time.  So I wasn’t sure if I could do it for a full 6 minutes.  But yeah, that was my goal, to just get as close to 6:00 as possible.  And I also wanted to race people!  I don’t really get the chance to “race” in the longer races because it’s more just a race against yourself.  But I did get a little bit of that feeling during some of the shorter races I did last fall, like the Hot Chocolate 5k.

So…back to the race.  Right upon starting, I could tell this was going to hurt.  The first 100m or so (there were no markers) felt rough, like I was sooo not used to that speed.  Oh wait, let’s back up a tad to my pre-race.

I did not do any type of warm-up or strides right before the race, that’s probably why it felt so hard to get moving at the beginning.  I did, however, do a 40-minute run in the morning before getting on the bus to head over to the Humboldt Mile.  Basically so I could get in a little warm-up and have more mileage for the day.  Ok, now back to the race…

The Humboldt Mile course was like a horseshoe shape or a “U”- out for about a third of a mile, across for about a third, and then back for a third.  There were no markers, so I wasn’t sure how far in we were because I didn’t run the course beforehand, which maybe I should have done.  I looked at my watch for the first time when I was at 2:30.  Then some guy’s watch beeped at one point and I figured he had set it for half-mile splits so I checked my own watch and was at 3:04.

I looked at my watch again when I was around 4:30 and just did what I could to push it to the end.  These last quarter-ish is where I really started to race people because there were a few girls ahead of me that I could tell were slowing down and I just really wanted to cruise past, so that’s what I did.  It felt fun to feel like I was racing!

Humboldt Mile Results

I crossed the line in 6:18 and was somewhat disappointed I wasn’t closer to 6:00, but given I haven’t exactly done training for this short of a distance, it was as good as I could’ve hoped!

Post-Race: My only complaint about this race was that they did not have water at the finish.  They did have a water station back where all the pre-race stuff was set-up, but that was probably a 200m walk from the finish line, so I would’ve liked to see the water station right by the finish.

Humboldt Mile Post-Race

Other than that though, there was a coffee station sponsored by Dark Matter Coffee giving free mini iced coffees which was super clutch and a few other sponsors like Kind Bars and Revolution Brewery.  Unfortunately I was not in the mood for beer just yet.  I could not stop coughing after this race.  I don’t think my lungs were prepared for that type of intensity over a longer period of time than I’m used to.  Gotta build up that VO2 max!!

And then we followed up the race with brunch at Feast in Wicker Park.

Have you done a race shorter than a 5k since high school or college?

What is your favorite type of race t-shirt to get?

Race Recap: Shamrock Shuffle 8K (33:46) PR!

Woohoo!  Well, the Shamrock Shuffle 8k was a good race.  Obviously, you know how it ended – 33:46, which is a PR.  Not that it was too difficult to PR given this was only my 2nd 8k ever and the 1st one back in December was a really bad race for me.  So let’s back up a little to start…

The Shamrock Shuffle 8k Expo:

I was expecting a bit more out of the this expo.  Knowing it was such a huge race (25k runners) and put on by the same crew as the Chicago Marathon, I expected an equally huge expo for the Shamrock Shuffle 8k.  It was not nearly as big and most “vendors” were just charity groups seeking runners for their Chicago Marathon team.  (BTW, if you are interested in running the Chicago Marathon for a charity – check out the American Heart Association!!)  I did get to see my friend Kris working at the RooSport booth and of course my Sweaty Bands friends! (15% off if you use that link to buy Sweaty Bands now!)

I picked out the pretty painted shamrock Sweaty Band for race day, as well as picked out 3 matching pink ones for me, Angela, and Liz to wear in our half marathon this coming weekend.


(Follow me on Instagram here)

We saw a few people walking out of the expo with Portillo’s chocolate cakes (which are the equivalent of heaven) – turns out Team World Vision was giving them out to anyone who registered with their charity on the spot.  So that was interesting.



I had no idea what to wear.  During the week, I was assuming/hoping it’d be warmer, but I think it was around 35 degrees at the start.  The added dilemma was that I wanted to wear green.  So that presented quite the challenge.  I don’t have many good pictures of my race outfit, but here’s one my mom took during the race:


I can’t seem to crop – can you see me there?  To the right wearing the dark green shirt (not the blue.)

I ended up going with the long “heavy-duty” spandex (they are more fleece-lined), a tank, and a long-sleeve over the tank.  I also wore gloves the entire time, which I was happy with until about the 4th mile when my hands started getting warm, but I never shed them.  Otherwise, I never thought I was too hot wearing the pants or long sleeves, so I guess they were a wise choice.

I slept at my parents’ house in the suburbs Saturday night, so we drove downtown early in the morning and chilled in the Rock ‘N Roll McDonald’s for awhile so mom could get her diet coke and I could stay warm and use the bathroom until I had to go warm-up.

As a warm-up, I ran from River North down to The Loop and around for a bit to get in 2 miles – 9:14 and 7:40.  I did the first mile super easy then tried to pick it up to a more normal pace for the 2nd mile + I believe 3 short (maybe 30 seconds?) pick-ups.  Then I went straight to a port-a-potty line and then into my corral.

The Shamrock Shuffle 8k Race:

I was fortunate to be in Corral A, so the first half mile or so was a bit more crowded than ideal, but mostly everyone around me was keeping a decent pace so I didn’t feel hindered by the crowds in any way.  I did end up on the wrong side of the bridge over the Chicago River though, so I was running over the grates instead of the part they covered the grates with carpet.

Oh, sidenote: I didn’t realize Desi Linden was going to be at this race until they announced it at the start!!  So now I can say I raced her.  She beat me.  But I think I put up a good fight.

I did use my Garmin during the Hot Chocolate 5k last fall, but other than that I’ve always just used my normal Timex watch.  It didn’t have issues with it during that race, but it went crazyyy (similar to during my long run last week) going under the tunnel on Columbus drive.


So then it told me I had done the first mile in 5:30.  That was obviously a lie and I crossed the actual Mile 1 marker in 6:42 (at least I thought, according to what the running time on my watch said), but the official results say I did the first mile in 6:36.  So either way, the first mile was speedy, but I felt good so I decided to go with it.

What is a bit discouraging is that that according to my Garmin, the last .3 miles (it told me the total distance was 5.3) was at 7:08 pace.  And it looks like that last segment was pretty close to actual and not bouncing all over the place.  So my finish wasn’t strong.  But back to the middle miles…


I really can’t tell you exact splits, but I thought I crossed Mile 1 at 6:42, when the race clock said 6:55, so I was going with being 13 seconds under the race clock and tried to calculate my time at each mile.  But #math is hard when you are running.  I came up with splits of approximately: 6:42, 6:38, 6:47, 6:57, and 6:42 for the last .97 miles.

The race results told me 20:48 for the 5k, which would be consistent with those first 3 mile splits.  But if my 1st mile truly was a bit faster at 6:36, that would mean the next 2 were probably slightly slower than the splits I had calculated.  Once I hit 4 miles at ~27:04 according to my calculations, I thought “wow I can get under 34 minutes!”  After that first mile, when I decided I was gonna race this thing, I knew for sure I wanted to/should be able to do under 35 minutes and thought I could be close to 34 minutes, but I never really fathomed breaking 34 minutes.


33:46 – 6:48 average pace.


Females 25-29: 57th Place (out of 2,800+)

Females: 145th Place (Out of 13,000+)

Overall: 803rd Place (Out of 23,000+)


Immediately after finishing, I saw my friend Sarah who was volunteering at the finish line passing out Gatorade with the high school team she coaches.  We chatted for a bit, then I continued through the finish area collecting all my goodies (water, a bag of pretzels, my medal, etc.)

Surprisingly, my mom was standing right outside the finish line area.  We had agreed to meet at the “S” post of the family reunite area, but this was super easy – probably attributable to being in the A corral and finishing before that area got insanely crowded.  I was very cold upon finishing and luckily had brought a fresh shirt to change into but didn’t plan well enough because I really should’ve packed a jacket as well.  We stopped in Panera for a coffee and then walked back to the car, along the course so we got to see more of the runners.

After stopping back at my place, we picked up my brother Kyle and went to brunch at Jam ‘N Honey in Lincoln Park.  I had a delish omelet (with onion, cheese, bacon, and avocado), potatoes, and toast.  And more coffee :)

I will definitely be running the Shamrock Shuffle 8k in years to come…and hope the weather is better next year.  But it’s March/April in Chicago…what can ya do?

Training, Learning Spanish, & A New PR!

Happy Monday, friends!  I have another week of training to update you on – and this was a decent one.  I’ve started tapering so in general, the week had an extra off day and a super easy shake-out run, but ended with the Shamrock Shuffle 8k race yesterday!

Monday – 8.2 miles in 1:04:30 (7:51 avg pace)

This was a good run.  I had a long workday, but got out the door when I got home for a run completely in the dark.  Due to that, I just stuck to one stretch of the lakefront path that was more well-lit and ran up and down it a few times.  I did the first 7.7 normal, then hard the last .5 mile.

Splits: 8:03, 8:07, 7:59, 8:07, 8:01, 7:43, 7:40, 5:45 for the last .7 of my “normal run”, then 3:10 for the hard half mile at the end.

I was really surprised when I saw that pace for the hard half mile!  Definitely felt like I was pushing, but didn’t think I was going quite that fast.  I’ll take it!

Tuesday – OFF

This was more of a mental off day.  I’m so over the cold.  I didn’t run in the morning and it was just one of those days where the ver last thing I wanted to do when I got home was run.  And I’d say during this training cycle I’ve been good about fighting that feeling, but it was cold and my condo was warm and I really did not want to be cold again.

I cozied up and worked on my Spanish with the Duo Lingo app.  I thought this phrase was appropriate:


And this one was not nice…no, thanks for bringing it up, Duo Lingo.


Wednesday – 11.4 miles in 1:30:00 (7:53 avg pace)

I did a run commute to work!!  More info on that to come, but it helped me get in a “mid-week” long run before work.


(Also learning how to use the camera timer…)

I ran north through the city and then east to the lakefront, with the intention of running all the way down the lakefront path to the loop.  But the wind was an absolute nightmare heading south, so I spent probably 3 miserable miles on the path, then went back to the city streets for the remainder of the trip to work.  I didn’t look at my watch at all until the last few miles.

Splits: 8:02, 8:03, 7:51, 7:48, 7:55, 7:42, 7:51, 8:12, 8:14 …then the Garmin went haywire due to the tall city buildings and clouds…but yeah obviously those last 2 miles I have splits for was when I started heading into the wind.  Other than that, I felt good!  I did not feel good the first half of the workday though.

Thursday – OFF

Both a mental and physical day off.  Really feeling fatigued after that long run and want to feel as fresh as possible for the race this weekend and next weekend of course!

I woke up Thursday morning and had this candle still burning from the night before…oopsie daisy.


Friday – 6.25 miles in 48:50 (7:48 avg pace)

Normal run with 10 x 30 seconds hard w/ 1:30 easy recovery.  I ran 26 minutes normal, then got on the lakefront path and started the fartlek, which took me right back to my condo.

This is my favorite race-week workout to throw in some quick pick-ups to practice form and turn-over.

Saturday – 3.3 miles in 28:00 (8:29 avg pace)

Super easy shake-out run!  I brought a $5 and ended at Dunkin Donuts to get coffee :)  Luckily I got this one in before the crazy wind and snow started.

Oh and my mom and I went to the Shamrock Shuffle expo!  AND then I got to see the cutest little future runner baby.

Sunday – 2 mile warm-up + Shamrock Shuffle 8k race

Full recap coming at you tomorrow, but spoiler alert: I finished in 33:46 (6:48 avg pace)!  And that is a PR :) …maybe because it’s only my 2nd ever 8k and the 1st was a flop.


(This photo & more on Instagram!)

Also, I was wearing my brand new Shamrock Sweaty Band!! (Use that link for 15% off NOW!)

Total – 36.2 miles

Do you speak any other language?  Or would you like to?

How do you taper for a big race?  I need some tips going into this week!  My current plan is just run easy, take 2 or 3 days completely off or cross train easy, and probably do that same 10 x 20 second fartlek workout one day.

Ohhh We’re Halfway There…

Ohh ohhhh living on the treadmill.  Doesn’t rhyme, but that seems like a more fitting version of the song for right now.  However, I did finally get some runs outside this past week!  7 weeks of half marathon training down, 7 weeks to go.

My coughing was pretty bad during these treadmill runs this week, but I’m slowly weening myself off the cough-drops.


Have a look at this past week’s training:

Monday – 8.25 miles in 1:06:15 (8:01 avg pace)

This was a pretty average run on the treadmill – 8 miles normal + .25 hard to finish.  Just made up a little pattern of increasing and decreasing speeds.

Tuesday – 6 miles in 49:20 (8:13 avg pace)

Again, treadmill-ing it up.  This was supposed to be 7 miles, but I was not having it.  Figured it was OK to shorten a little after being sick last week.  To soothe my cough, I bought a little pint of my favorite ice cream….


I also justified it because it was Valentine’s day the past weekend so I needed to treat myself since nobody else was going to.

Wednesday – 9 miles w/ 2 x 2 miles tempo

This workout ended up being tougher than I hoped.  My mile repeats went really well last week (6:44 pace for each, on the ‘mill) and I planned to do these closer to race pace.  It was still way too cold out so this was done on the treadmill.  I started with a 2.5 mile easy warm-up, then went into my first 2 mile tempo keeping the pace at 7:08.  It was hard towards the end, but I got through it.  After an easy half mile at 7.0 (8:34 pace), I started the 2nd tempo and made it only half mile before mentally giving up and hitting the big red stop button….

I took a bathroom break and came back to the treadmill thinking I’d just finish up a few more miles at a normal pace.  After a half mile at 7.5 (8:00 pace), I decided to “woman-up” and do the 2nd tempo segment.  I even set the pace for this one at 7:03 and got through the whole thing!  The last mile of it was rougher than I would’ve like though.  But it was done.  And that is what’s important.


(I read in Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In that this quote is on the wall at the Facebook office, so I think about it sometime in regards to both running and my work and this blog.)

Technically, my plan said to do 2 or 3 x 2 mile so I didn’t “over”achieve like I would’ve liked to, but it was still a solid 9 mile run and I proved to myself that I COULD do it, even after moments of doubt.

Thursday – 6.6 miles in 53:50 (8:06 avg pace) + SoulCycle class

The plan for Thursday was 10 miles, but I had a SoulCycle class planned with a vendor for work at 7:30pm.  So I left the office with just enough time to get home and get in 10 miles, but I soon realized that due to my fatigued leg’s from Wednesday’s workout and the extremely strong winds, I definitely wasn’t going to make it 10 miles.  But since I had the SoulCycle class scheduled, I figured the combo of a shorter run + the class would suffice.

Friday – OFF

I had run the past 6 days straight and I was really feeling the past few hard days, so Friday seemed like a great day to take off of running/working out.  It helped knowing that Sunday would be much better weather than Friday too.

Saturday – 13.35 miles in 1:46:00 (7:56 avg pace)

Sunday – 5.5 miles in 42:30 (7:44 avg pace)

TOTAL – 48.7 miles + 1 SoulCycle class

Getting close to 50 miles in a week!!  Fun fact: I’ve only run over 50 miles in a week once, during the summer of 2009 and that was because I ran 7 days that week.  My next highest and the only other time I ran more miles in a week than this past week was one week during the fall of 2013 when I did 2 20-mile runs in the same week while training for the Chicago Marathon.


Good thing I was blogging regularly back then so I can go back and read about those 2 long runs here and here.

So yeah, big things ahead now that I’m actually committing to the mileage and following through on it.  Usually I’m just a lot of talk and not a lot of follow-through.

Have you ever quit in the middle of a workout and then end up getting back in the zone to finish?

What is a quote that has resonated with you lately?

What is your PR for highest weekly mileage?

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